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Successful people aren’t necessarily smarter, happier, or more competent. They are simply better at dumping their trash! HeadTrash shapes our reality, sucks our energy, and shifts our focus from self-acceptance and inner peace to worry and fear.

Renie Cavallari joins me today to talk about her latest book: HeadTrash

From the book summary – “Renie Cavallari teaches you how to stop questioning yourself and dump your HeadTrash for less anxiety, bigger potential, and a better quality of life. Filled with practical strategies and heartwarming true stories, this is your inspirational self-improvement guide to master the little taunting voices in your mind that doubt your goals, shame your leadership, and weaken your personal power”

Topics discussed:

  • Defining HeadTrash
  • Mental imprints from the past
  • Negative self talk
  • Subconscious programming
  • Shifting human behaviour
  • Mindset, skillset and process set
  • Operating from our connect side vs disconnected side
  • The impact of information overload
  • Cultivating tools to navigate life better
  • Taking back our personal power
  • The 4 big lies
  • How understanding others can help shift your own behaviour
  • Who do I want to be right now?
  • What matters most now?
  • Ask “what” questions instead of “why”

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