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Hi, I am Brett Hawes and I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and give you the low down on what Holistic Health Masterclass is and why I created it.

I have been living and breathing holistic health for the last 14 years and am one of the most passionate and enthusiastic people you’ll meet on the subject. I run a clinical practice that integrates Holistic Nutrition, Functional Medicine, Iridology and few other modalities, where I have helped people overcome some pretty serious and complex health conditions. I was also lead faculty at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition for 12 years; where I taught 1000’s of student practitioners and holistic nutritionists.

My clinical practice is 100% online and paperless. I was a little nervous about going online-only at first, but it has been amazing! It has allowed me to reach so many people that otherwise would not have access to this type of care.

All in all, the journey so far has been pretty amazing and super rewarding.

But, this is not just about me.

It’s about you; and how you can learn, grow and help yourself, your family and friends, and your patients (if you are a practitioner reading this). 

Holistic Health Masterclass has slowly evolved to become my central hub for everything that I do. I’ve always been 1000% dedicated to helping my clients in practice. BUT, I realized a long time ago that if I wanted to reach more people, I needed to get my knowledge and experience in the hands of practitioners while also empowering lay people to educate and heal themselves.

I have been blessed to have been trained and mentored by some of the smartest practitioners on the planet. My goal now is to pay it forward so that you can use this knowledge to help yourself and others.

If you are new here, I would suggest browsing around a bit. You will find a ton of resources and information on my weekly (ish) podcast, blog, and Facebook page

I would love it if you joined our brand new Community Platform, where you can connect with like-minded people who are also passionate about health and wellness.

So, that’s really it in a nutshell. I am super psyched to have you here on the site and hope you feel empowered and ready to take charge of your health

If you have any other questions (or just want to say hi!), drop me a line at support@holistichealthmasterclass.com 

To your health….