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Hi, I am Brett Hawes (that’s me up top!) and I wanted to take a minute to give you the low down on what Holistic Health Masterclass is and why I created it.

I have been living and breathing holistic health for the last 13 years and am one of the most passionate and enthusiastic people you’ll meet on the subject. I run a clinical practice that integrates things like Holistic Nutrition, Functional Medicine, Iridology and few other modalities, where I help people overcome some pretty serious and complex health conditions. I also teach at a well-respected school and have literally taught 1000’s of students. All in all, the journey so far has been pretty amazing and super rewarding.

I remember back in the day when I first started out. Talk about overwhelmed and a little nervous. I mean, first of all there was all the business stuff (forms, templates, website, business cards and all the other office stuff…the real time suckers!). Then there was all of the knowledge stuff. You know, the tools you use to actually get people well (and we all know there are tons of them out there!). They call it ‘practice’ for a reason: because you have to keep trying things out until you find what works. This obviously takes time and continual learning to develop and, in a world of conflicting information and mountains of products, this can get quite confusing and tricky. I was very lucky back then to have found a few mentors who really took me under their wing and nurtured me. This shaved so much time off my learning curve and catapulted me ahead in my field….fast! Don’t get me wrong, there was still a ton of work involved. It’s not like I was given all the answers on a silver platter. What they did do though was ignite the flame and keep me motivated to learn more.

But…this is not really about me. It’s about you; and how you can learn, grow and help a ton of sick people out there in the same way I have. Not just that, I want you to have the ‘Rockstar practice’ you have dreamed about – efficient, effective and exciting!

Enter: Holistic Health Masterclass. This is really a labour of love for me. It has gone through so many evolutions as I have plugged away for the last 3 years to get it just right. There has definitely been some hair-pulling, sweat and tears but, what you are looking at now, is what I consider to be the ‘final’ version (well…until I decide to upgrade certain things ya know).

At this point you might be asking yourself “why the heck did you go to all the trouble Brett”? Valid question.

You see, over the years I have had 100’s of students and practitioners wanting to shadow, co-op, sit in on sessions or learn more from me. I realized that there was physically no way that I could do that (my office would look like a clinical rounds scene out of Gray’s anatomy!). I also realized that helping each person one-on-one was a huge waste of time and, again, physically not possible. I knew that if I wanted to help as many people as I possibly could (practitioner or not), I’d have to change up the game…

So, the platform I have created here allows me to reach way more of you at once which is efficient on my part but also way more structured than sitting in on a few of my client sessions. It allows me to exponentially help more people without having to individually hold each of their hands. Cool, right?

Now, you might be thinking “who does guy think he is? There’s no way he has all the answers!”

You would be absolutely correct in saying I don’t have all the answers – no one does.

This is precisely why this is not the “Brett Show™“. As much as I have helped people with everything from almost every type of digestive problem under the sun, to diabetes and cancer; I am also aware that there are many other practitioners who are waaaaayyy more knowledgeable than I am in certain areas.


This is precisely why Holistic Health Masterclass is a community and not merely a website. Through my own extensive learning, building a successful practice and teaching holistic health students, I have come across some truly remarkable people. People that have a special talent in certain areas within the holistic sphere. These are the practitioners that I am bringing into the fold so that you can learn directly from them. As Holistic Health Masterclass grows, you will notice more and more courses being added. This allows you the opportunity to pick and choose what you want to learn. It also allows you to learn in bite-sized, intensive, module-based courses rather than the classic 100-hour marathon course filled with a bunch of stuff that you are interested in……but also a bunch of stuff that you’re probably NOT (I know I’ve sat in some of those)

So, that’s really it in a nutshell. I am super psyched to have you here on the site. Definitely take a look around and be sure to sign up to our mailing list so we can keep you in the loop.

If you have any other questions (or just want to say hi!), drop us a line at support@holistichealthmasterclass.com

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