#103: Technocracy and the Fourth Industrial Revolution


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by Brett Hawes

As we inch closer to things like vaccine passports, biometric ID’s, 5G and the digitization of life as we know it, few people realize how it all works, why we are doing it, and what the far-reaching implications are. These all fall under the umbrella terms “Technocracy” and the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. To help shed light on this, independent researcher and blogger Alison McDowell joins me on the show.

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Here are the highlights:

  • What is technocracy?
  • How does a blockchain work?
  • How will our data be used in the future?
  • Monitoring, tracking and tracing all of natural life of earth
  • Data, social credit scoring and privileges
  • The gamification of society
  • What is the Internet of Things? – smart technology, the spatial web, and Web 3.0
  • Understanding the Internet of Bodies
  • Social impact investing
  • the future of education
  • Health and genomics
  • Transhumanism and the merging of humans and technology
  • Covid, cybernetics and the “new normal”
  • The role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology
  • The World Economic Forum agenda
  • 5G, 6G and beyond
  • What they really mean by environmental sustainability
  • The problems with Universal Basic Income (UBI)
  • The potential future of food
  • What we are really fighting for – defending natural life
  • Facing challenges from a place of Peace, Love and Spirit
  • the power of community

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