#013: Peanuts, Allergies and Vaccines


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Heather Fraser joins me today to discuss her personal journey into the world of peanut and food allergies. This ultimately led her to into the world of vaccines where she has spent more than 10 years intensively researching them.

Today’s slightly ‘controversial’ episode looks at why food and environmental allergies have skyrocketed over the last 20 years. We dive deep into vaccines – safety, efficacy, herd immunity and the current push for mandatory vaccination. We also take a good look at how the vaccination schedule has changed over the last few decades and the impact this has had.

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From Heather: “Some experiences can change the course of your life completely. In 1995, this happened to me when my one year old son reacted violently to a taste of peanut butter. Since then, I have been preoccupied with: recovering and maintaining his health and that of my family through natural means; and understanding how and why he had become atopic and anaphylactic to common foods in the first place. The answer to the last question became a book The Peanut Allergy Epidemic in which I unravel the story of how and why millions of children today have become peanut allergic” 

Find out more here: vaccinechoicecanada.com

Read Heather’s book with forward by Robert F Kennedy Jr

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