#068: Thyroid Health with Eldon Dahl

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by Brett Hawes

Thyroid health is one of those mysterious and complex topics. It requires some deeper investigation if you want to truly get to the root. Unfortunately, most doctors and endocrinologists simply prescribe medication. As you will hear on today’s show, this can have some significant consequences.



We cover alot of ground on this episode including:

  • what your thyroid does
  • sings your’re out of balance
  • standard medical diagnosis and treatment
  • the ins and outs of prescription medications
  • side effects, dependency and weakening of our glands
  • the hormone symphony
  • why treating the thyroid alone is a bad idea
  • bio-identical hormones vs glandular extracts
  • heavy metals and thyroid health
  • autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto’s)
  • nourish vs treat
  • Thyrodine™ – a unique product
  • Shortcomings of the medical field
  • The difference between allopathic treatment models and naturopathic models