#99: The End Game


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by Brett Hawes

It’s been a year since the first lockdowns in Canada (and most of the world). 2 weeks to flatten the curve turned into a year of rolling lockdowns, the shuttering of small businesses, and economic turmoil. And it’s not over yet. We now have a year of hindsight and data to look back on. Does the data match the narrative? Do the imposed counter-measures and public health policies match the threat of covid-19? Considering that the overwhelming majority of covid-related deaths have been in long-term care homes, why have we kept small businesses closed for the better part of last year?

There are many things about this “pandemic” that don’t add up. People continue to debate masks, distancing, the viral threat, lockdowns and statistics. The real question we should be asking is “what is the end game?”. Why is this happening and where does it all lead to?

Award-winning investigative journalist, author and activist, Guy Crittenden joins me to answer these questions and more. This in-depth conversation pulls together many moving parts and draws upon a large body of research gathered from both official sources as well as some of the top independent journalists in the world.

If 2020 was the year of “waking up”, 2021 will be the “year of consequences” for our actions (or lack thereof). This will be one of my last podcast episodes on the pandemic and I hold nothing back. Here is some of what we talk about:

  • The Great Bifurcation – a divided society
  • The World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset”
  • What was “Event 201”?
  • The political agenda driving the pandemic
  • PCR testing, variants and isolation facilities
  • Technocracy and the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Collapsing and retooling the global economy
  • The Internet of Things
  • The real purpose of 5G
  • Surveillance capitalism and biometric data
  • How can “they all be in on it”?
  • What is geofencing?
  • Vaccine passports and biometric ID’s
  • Compliance culture and social credit scoring
  • Why and how we are being herded into an online-only reality
  • Community, love and why we need to collectively rise up to create the world we want

Guy’s website and viral article: The Great Bifurcation

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