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Welcome to my Harmonic Health Approach

The personalized, whole-health approach that uncovers and addresses the root cause of your health issues


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If you’ve landed here I am willing to be that you’ve “tried it all”



Naturopathic doctors


Online programs

Crash diets

Bags of supplements

And more….

You eat right, take supplements, exercise, and live a healthy lifestyle. But still, the needle is not moving when it comes to your health

I’ve heard the same story from virtually everyone I work with in my clinic

The question begs: “why?”

Well, let’s answer that question with some questions…

Are you eating what’s right for you, or what’s right for your favourite author, blogger, doctor, or practitioner?

Does your diet actually target and address the health issues that you are facing?

Are you taking dozens of supplements as an “insurance policy”?

To make sure you are “getting everything you need?”

…or, are you taking supplements that you actually need right now?

Ones that are addressing the root causes of your health conditions

The right type of exercise can be life-changing

The wrong type can make your health issues worse…..a lot worse

Do you feel like you’ve spent $1000’s of lab tests only to be labelled with a disease?

Or worse: your lab tests revealed nothing at all?

I totally get where you’re coming from

A lot of people are frustrated with their health care providers

Maybe you feel like they don’t dedicate enough time to you

Or don’t listen to you

Or maybe they just push pills and supplements to manage your symptoms (without ever really digging into the root causes)

Maybe you feel like healthcare is too expensive for what you’re getting

Whatever your frustrations are, I want you to know that there is a different way

An approach that takes the time with you

An approach that uncovers what’s really driving your health issues

An approach that guides you step-by-step through the healing journey, ensuring lasting results

Harmonic Health is a style of practice that I have developed over almost 20 years. It is rooted in Holistic Health & Functional Medicine.

There are some core philosophies and concepts that underpin the Harmonic Health approach:

1. Disease (no matter what type) is simply a sign that your body is out of balance
2. We always work to identify root causes instead of treating and managing symptoms
3. Use the right tools at the right time to achieve specific health goals
4. A phased, “road map” path to healing that follows the “5-R” principles of healing – Remove, Replace, Repopulate, Repair, Rebalance
5. A person-centered approach to care instead of a disease-centered approach

This approach has helped so many people transform their health…

“I joined this program because I had severe food reactions, digestive issues and chronic inflammation (Reynauds flare ups as well). I was also having trouble gaining weight and was a few pounds under weight. After the first few days on the program I could feel the pain and inflammation disappearing. My digestion is now much stronger and I have not had a Reynauds flare up since we started working together. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to improve their health!”

– Hilary
“I was recently diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and was struggling with it, as the medication prescribed from my GI doctor wasn’t helping with my low energy levels, joint pain and skin issues. I was put on a special diet and supplements, and within 3 weeks my symptoms had faded significantly and I was able to get back to living life normally again. I’ve learned tons from this experience and am now healthier than I’ve ever been!”

– Nick
“I feel very fortunate to be able to work with Brett because it has truly made a world of a difference. His passion is contagious and his knowledge has helped me immeasurably in my pursuit of regaining optimal health. I have successfully cleared all of my gut infections, healed my leaky gut and no longer suffer from psoriasis. This program completely changed my life. If you are looking to get to the bottom of your health issues, this program is totally worth it!”

– Sarah

The Right Fit


For this type of approach to be successful, it is important that you and I are a good fit.

Most of the people I work with have gone through the medical system, seen specialists and tried a variety of different practitioners before they see me

They’ve tried many different supplements and have already made changes to their diet

They are typically quite well-read and understand (to some degree) what’s going on with their health

Most of all – they are ready to invest into understanding what’s truly driving their health issues on a much deeper level

If this sounds like you, book yourself in for a free discovery session and see if working together is the right fit

Areas that I specialize in

  • Digestive Disorders
  • Hormone Imbalances
  • Autoimmune Disease
  • Detoxification
  • Weight loss

My core areas of expertise and focus revolve around bridging the gaps between complex digestive issues, hormone imbalances and autoimmune diseases. However, many of my past clients have had significant improvements from the following conditions:

What can you expect when you join?

Professional Service

Healing can be challenging which is why we guarantee high-quality service with outstanding support.

7-Day Menu Plans

Therapeutic meal plans that include recipes, daily schedule and grocery lists make it easy to implement your nutrition program

Personalized Programs

We bring together cutting-edge science and the wisdom of nature to deliver personalized care

Highest Quality Supplements

Supplements are carefully chosen according to your individual needs. We only use natural, high quality products

Life Skills to Help You Thrive

Learn constructive tools and techniques that nourish body, mind and soul. Stay in the zone and maintain your progress

Community Support

Community support is so vital to healing. There are many people in our circle who share your experience and are waiting to support you

“I have worked with a fair number of alternative/natural health practitioners over the years — from holistic nutritionists and homeopaths to naturopathic doctors — and you’re by far the most dedicated to your clients and to the ongoing development of your expertise than anyone else I have ever worked with. Thank you for everything!”

Brett so many words to say about you! You are wise, knowledgable, intuitive and I would vest trust in you with my entire life. Going through a 10-day fast with you was one of the most empowering experiences I have had thus far, I’ve never felt more clear-headed and energetic. Since working with you, my digestive problems that caused me a lot of discomfort previously are no longer. My energy levels are more vibrant, and consistent throughout the day. I would recommend your services to everyone and anyone. Thank you so much for everything!


We Are Ready to Help You

Getting the care you need has never been easier. It starts with your discovery call


1Book Your Discovery CallThis exploratory session will help us understand more about your overall health challenges and how they might be resolved and/or improved by working together with us. On this call we will determine if working together is a good fit2Your Readiness AssessmentOnce you have booked your Discovery Call, you will be redirected to a page that contains a short readiness assessment. This allows us to get some preliminary insight into your health issues and assess where you are at on your health journey.3The Intake ProcessOnce we have established that working together is a good fit, you will be sent a set of in-depth intake forms and will be booked in for an initial consultation. This appointment will go over your health history, symptoms, lifestyle, occupation, diet, exercise, previous test results and anything else that’s relevant .4Preliminary Report of FindingsIn this follow-up session we will discuss our findings and possible root causes of your health conditions. We will also discuss recommended lab testing. Preliminary recommendations may be made at this time5Functional Lab Test InterpretationYou will receive a detailed interpretation of your lab test results. These results are then tied in with our initial assessment and your personalized health program is created.6Your Personalized Health ProgramYour personalized health program is unique to you. You will receive detailed nutrition guidelines, individually-tailored supplement program based on your needs, and exercise, lifestyle and stress management tools

Book your discovery call

Fill out your readiness asessment

We interpret your functional lab tests

Get your personalized health program
“I am delighted to have worked with Brett who has helped me immensely on my journey towards health. With Brett’s guidance and expertise, I have been able to put my Ulcerative Colitis into remission and get off prednisone. Brett has a vast amount of knowledge in the field of nutrition and functional medicine and has a unique ability to deliver information in a way that makes sense and is attainable. Not only have by symptoms improved but I have gained so much insight in the use of nutrition and natural remedies to help heal. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to transform their health”


Choose Your Path to Optimal Health

Not sure which one is for you? Book Your Discovery Call and Let’s Find Out


Harmonic Health Basic Package


  • Total of 3 Consultations
  • 1 x 90-minute intake session
  • 2 x 60-minute follow up sessions
  • Review of current diet, supplements, symptoms and lifestyle factors
  • Thorough review of all medical records, tests and blood work
  • Functional lab test recommendations & interpretation; including consultations with lab staff
  • Personalized health program
  • Personalized meal plan + food lists
  • Personalized supplement program (supplements are not included)
  • Direct lab pricing + access to practitioner-only supplements
  • No email support (basic questions regarding your protocol are allowed)
  • No phone support


Harmonic Health Premium Program


  • This is our most comprehensive program and is geared toward those who are trying to resolve more chronic and complex issues
  • Total of 8 Consultations
  • 1 x 90-minute intake session
  • 7 x 60-minute follow up sessions
  • Review of current diet, supplements, symptoms and lifestyle factors
  • Thorough review of all medical records, tests and blood work
  • Functional lab test recommendations & interpretation; including consultations with lab staff
  • Personalized health program
  • Personalized meal plan + food lists
  • Personalized supplement program (supplements are not included)
  • Direct lab pricing + access to practitioner-only supplements
  • 24/7 Email, Phone and Text Message Support


“I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and for about two years I hadn’t been able to snap my fingers, squat down or put on a seat belt because the inflammation was so bad in my joints. Some mornings, just getting dressed or grabbing a toothbrush would prove impossible. I was 25, feeling about 85. Brett started me on a program which quickly eliminated the inflammation throughout my body and reminded me how good I could feel again. I had cysts on both my hands from the swelling and after the program, they had been completely eliminated. I couldn’t believe the transformation happening before my eyes. I also lost weight and felt happy and confident in my changing body. The inflammation that used to confine me to my bed some days is totally gone! I could squat down and snap my fingers all day long! I’m exercising every day and my mind is renewed with a relaxation I haven’t felt in a very long time. I haven’t had so much energy since I was a child! ”

<“When you work with Brett, you are a team. He trusts and respects his clients and puts them in the driver’s seat. Brett’s superpower is taking complex scientific concepts and explaining them in understandable language. His knowledge of the most progressive research and lab tests available uncovered layers of health issues that I was dealing with.
I have successfully successfully healed my gut issues, adrenal issues and have out my autoimmune disease into remission
I just can’t believe how healthy and amazing I feel now. I feel ten years younger! After seeing my success, my husband has now started working with Brett. ”

Sharon L

A Personal Message from Brett

Head shot 3 (1)

“Healthcare is in the middle of the greatest paradigm shift in history. We are shifting away from a disease-focused model to a patient-focused model, with Functional medicine and holistic nutrition leading the way. Holistic Health Masterclass offers a comprehensive, affordable and effective strategy to help you regain your health.

Book your discovery call today and see if working with me is right solution for you”

Brett Hawes, CFMP, CNP – Founder of Holistic Health Masterclass


Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

1) Do you work remotely?

YES! In fact, ALL appointments are done remotely. When you book in you will automatically get an email with details on how to log into our private meeting room. We are fully set up to ship lab tests and supplements across Canada and the United States. Working remotely has allowed to provide care to people who would otherwise not be able to access it.

2) Are your services covered by insurance?

Usually NOT. Some insurance companies do cover these types of services but it is best to check with them. If you have any questions about this, please contact our customer support.

3) Is lab testing necessary?

Yes! Without lab testing we are essentially guessing. Our philosophy is “test, don’t guess”. That said, unlike many other clinics who run $1000’s worth of testing “just to see what they find”; we only run tests we feel are absolutely necessary. Our goal is gather clinically-relevant data so that we can get to the root cause of your issues.

4) How much do lab tests usually cost?

It varies from case to case but typically functional lab tests are between $500-$1500. In some cases it is necessary to re-test so that we can track and evaluate progress. Again, we only run tests that we deem absolutely necessary.

5) How come my doctor has never heard of these tests and this strategy before?

Conventional, allopathic medicine works on a completely different model. Your doctor is trained to diagnose disease (through testing) and treat the symptoms with drugs and surgery. In some instances, this can be helpful. The Functional Medicine model is patient-centered instead of disease-centered. We run lab tests to figure out why you have what you have instead of simply putting a label on your illness/es. Once we identify what the root cause/s are, we then implement dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations to restore function (vs manage symptoms). Our goal is to get you well and teach you how to maintain wellness instead of manage your disease.