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#004: Transmitting and Receiving Light in a World of Darkness


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Today’s episode is dedicated to the seekers and those looking for answers to Spiritual Evolution and Expanded Consciousness. We are joined by David Ashworth from the UK who discusses his strange and powerful entry into the world of spiritual healing. From running a typesetting business to have a fully booked clinic for 15 years (and then abruptly closing its doors!), we talk about how David navigated his own spiritual awakening and used it to help others. We speak about listening to spirit, the role of patience along the spiritual path and how acting on received messages bring about powerful life-changes.

David is a Visionary; a trailblazer, philosopher; an original thinker and doer; and an author. As his own evolution continues to unfold, David continually rolls back the boundaries of what we consider possible in spiritual work.

View David’s Website here

In a long career at the top of his field he has constantly moved from one level to the next, year after year, continually transforming and bringing new concepts into the world of healing and spiritual evolution. The Guiding Consciousness working through him, shows him his pathway in advance.

David works at the very cutting edge of our understanding of reality, spirituality and evolution. With the help of his incredible gifts, his life is devoted to awakening the consciousness of spiritual seekers, humanity as a whole, and the healing of our home – Mother Earth.

He has written numerous books including “The Keys of Transformation – Book One: Birth of A New Light”, “Dancing with the Devil as You Channel in the Light” and “Ocean of Emotion”. You can view his entire catalogue here

David is the founder of the Emerald Heart School and is currently committed to transmitting Darshan to facilitate planetary healing and heart-centered consciousness.

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