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by Brett Hawes

The Natural Menopause Map is a cutting-edge, holistic health program that helps women identify and transition into menopause naturally. Menopause is not a disease as the pharmaceutical companies would have you believe. It’s a natural transition and can cause hormonal upheaval for many but it’s also possible to traverse this change with ease and strength. You’ll be experiencing changes in hormone levels that affect various parts of your body but also you’ll also notice changes in your relationships; with others and with yourself.

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On today’s FLASH BROADCAST, we discuss the ins and outs of the program but also dive into issues like hormone replacement therapy and the conventional view and therapies used to address menopause. Lastly, we talk about some of the more emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects surrounding women’s health

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“The time has come for honest conversation about women’s lived experiences in their female bodies. Moreover, there is a lack of scientific information presented to women when faced with making choices about issues central to their health and well-being. Our expertise is in the world of natural medicine and the myriad ways of supporting, rather than suppressing, the rhythms of women’s bodies”. – Dr. Ginger Nash


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