#040: Government Corruption & the Medicalization of Canada


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David Stephan joins me once again to discuss recent developments in his court case. Him and his wife, Colleen, were criminally charged with ‘failing to provide the necessities for life’ in the death of their infant son Ezekiel.

The more recent case of John Wyatt Clark sees the parents dealt a stiffer sentence; facing possible jail time of up to 25 years.

Today’s show discusses the dangerous precedent that these cases set and how we are rapidly working our way to the medicalization of Canada. Simply put: if the death of your child could have been ‘prevented using pharmaceuticals, western medicine or vaccines’, you will be criminally charged. This essentially forces everyone into the medical model and erodes our freedom to choose how we look after ourselves and our children. 

David exposes the flaws and corruption behind this including the biased narrative coming out of the media. A very controversial episode and one with many nuances to it. Everyone needs to hear these stories as they affect us all!

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