#017: Living in the Zone


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by Brett Hawes

Are you living in the zone? Are you living the life you want? Today’s guest Anna Sienicka is no stranger to overcoming adversity. After overcoming a series of health challenges including anorexia, cystic acne and completely losing her memory; she continues to inspire and help others to this day.

Today’s show is just an all-round inspiration session, fueled by Anna’s experience, travels (like biking across Canada!) and her clinical programs. An episode not to be missed!

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Anna is a highly respected practitioner of homeopathy, published author, founder and chief executive of Toronto’s Wholistic Care Centers, creator of a natural skin care line and a Health and Life Coach; facilitating individuals in reaching their highest potential.

Her books include “Wild Edible Plants”, “Cleansing by the Moon”, “Weeds and Seeds Children’s Book” and her latest work “Living in the Zone”, which shares a multitude of tools she utilizes to achieve optimum health in all areas of life: business, relationships, family dynamics, security and more.

Catch up with Anna and her work here:



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