#080: Indigenous View of the Coronavirus Pandemic


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Indigenous Leader, Diane Longboat of the Mohawk Six Nations joins me today to deliver a timely and timeless message. As people grow more polarized and politicized over the coronavirus, few have stepped back to look at the bigger picture.

We as a collective culture are facing an unprecedented time in our history. Stock markets are in free-fall, small businesses are suffering as we speak, systems are collapsing and as a result, mental health issues are on the rise. As we try to make sense of what’s going on, know that Indigenous wisdom offers us a unifying message and solution: we are unbalanced as people and this is now being reflected in the world around us.

We are now witnessing the awakening of collective consciousness. There will be many struggles as we shed outdated and unsustainable ways of living. But, as with any birth, the beauty lies in the aftermath.

Diane delivers Ancient Indigenous Wisdom that is perhaps more relevant now than ever before.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Diane’s work at the Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)
  • Unbalanced people = unbalanced planet
  • What Covid-19 really means for us
  • Our fractured relationship to the world around us
  • Why economic transformation is key
  • The great need for sustainable solutions
  • Collective Consciousness is rising – who’s driving it?
  • The importance of faith-based/Spiritual practice in our daily lives


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