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by Brett Hawes

Do you feel like you’ve been dealt dirty genes? The genetic mother-load? Maybe your family is naturally overweight. Or maybe everyone has heart disease. Do all of your aunts have diabetes? Genetically speaking, the odds can seem to be stacked against you, but you can’t change your genes. Right?

Well, not exactly. Every day of your life, in every circumstance, you get a choice. Your DNA will always be the same, but you can turn genes off and on.

Today’s show features genetic expert, Dr Ben Lynch. From testing to supplementing SNP’s right the way through the future of genetic testing; this show is guaranteed to demystify some of the murky waters surrounding genes, genetic testing and health.

If you haven’t checked out the Dr Lynch’s Dirty Genes Summit, you can still catch it live until the 29th of January 2018. He will also be publishing his book Dirty Genes on the 30th. Grab your copy here

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