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Holistic Nutrition for Amateurs was created with you in mind. If you are feeling confused about nutrition advice and drowning in a sea of conflicting information – this course is for you. If you want to learn more about nutrition so you can take better care of yourself, your loved ones and your community – this course is for you. If you are dealing with health challenges and have yet to look to food as medicine – this course is for you.



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Lesson #1: Holistic Principles and Concepts

This module lays the foundation and gives you a solid grounding in Holistic Principles. Gain a deeper understanding of the inextricable links between the soil, food and our overall physical, emotional and spiritual health. From the science to the philosophy and beyond

Lesson #2: How Your Digestion Works

Proper digestion is central to good health. Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and now Functional Medicine all place a big emphasis on digestion. But before you take steps to improve your digestion – you need to know how it works!

Lesson #3: Strengthen Your Digestive System Naturally

This lesson teaches you the foundational pieces for optimizing and strengthening your digestion. You will learn simple tools and strategies that you can start using and implementing right away!

Lesson #4: Carbohydrates and Blood Sugar

This lesson covers different types of carbohydrates and how they affect your body. By choosing the right carbs, in the right amount, you will be able to balance your blood sugar,  lose stubborn weight and improve your energy levels

Lesson #5: Proteins

This lesson goes over the core amino acids (the building blocks for all proteins). You will also learn about vegetarian vs non-vegetarian proteins, how to best combine plant-based proteins, and how to tweak your protein intake according to your needs

Lesson #6: Fats

The good, the bad and the ugly – this lesson covers them all. What are the best fats for cooking with? Are omega oils harmful or helpful? How trans-fats and hydrogenated oils do their damage. Plus, the truth behind fat intake and cholesterol.

Lesson #7: Essential Vitamins

Vitamins are vital for many life functions. This lesson discusses key vitamins such as B-Complex, Vitamin D, Folate and B12. You will also learn the secrets behind increasing your body’s own production, optimal intake levels and reasons for deficiency

Lesson #8: Essential Minerals

The body cannot make minerals, we must get them from food. This lesson covers key minerals including iron, calcium, sodium, iodine, trace minerals and magnesium. We also dive deep into optimal intake levels and reasons for deficiencies

Lesson #9: Guide to Core Supplementation

Nutrient levels in food have steadily declined over the past 100 years. We also need higher levels of nutrients due to stress, environmental pollution and modern living in general. This lesson goes over core supplements for optimal health




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Full Course Contents

Here’s what you get when you sign up for our exclusive Holistic Nutrition for Amateurs course.


  • Live online presentations delivered weekly
  • Lifetime access to course materials
  • Private community support group for the duration of the program
  • Bonus #1: 3 X 7-Day Menu Plans that include recipes, grocery lists and nutrition information
  • Bonus #2: Supplement and dose guide for over 600 nutraceuticals
  • Bonus #3: Body Systems Chart – foods, vitamins, minerals and herbs needed by each of the 11 body systems
  • Bonus #4: Impromptu Facebook live video’s on surprise topics

Brett is one of the best teachers I’ve ever came across! He has this amazing capacity to break down the most complicated concepts and makes textbook material fun to learn and applicable to everyday life. I highly recommend any course that he is offering!

Brigitte Grenier

Brigitte Grenier
Personal Trainer & Toronto Argonauts Cheerleader

I’ve had the privilege of learning from you, Brett, and your vast amount of knowledge as one of my instructors while studying holistic nutrition and also as my guide during my challenging personal healing journey, on which I’ve come such a long way. I have worked with a fair number of alternative/natural health practitioners over the years — from holistic nutritionists and homeopaths to naturopathic doctors — and you’re by far the most dedicated to your clients and to the ongoing development of your expertise than anyone else I have ever worked with. Thank you for everything!

Ruth Elnekave

Ruth Elnekave
Holistic Nutritionist & CEO at Joya Life


Brett has been an inspirational and educational force in my life and is someone I’m privileged to call a friend and fellow health warrior. He made learning fun in the classroom and shared from a long career in the trenches. He really practices what he preaches and does so from a very grounded place; always learning more so that he can better understand the world of health and be of better service to students and clients. For that I am grateful.

Bryan Hardy

Bryan Hardy
Holistic Nutritionist & Whole Body Optimizer

Brett understands the power of leadership and approaches his teaching with the panache needed to engage the entire class. What he teaches—and how he lives his life—are congruent and consistent, making him a stellar example of a well-practiced natural health and holistic lifestyle instructor and mentor. His connection demonstrates his exceptional nature as a holistic healer and finely tuned educator.

Elizabeth Papadopoulos

Elizabeth Papadopoulos
Director of Nutrition Studies – Institute of Holistic Nutrition


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By the end of 10 weeks you will have a solid grounding in holistic nutrition and be able to take better care of yourself and your family. Food is the cornerstone to good health and, despite conflicting information and opposing theories, it is possible to find your ideal diet. I look forward to seeing you in the course