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Do I have to be a trained health professional to be able to participate in Holistic Health Masterclass? 

While we are largely targeting health professionals, you will notice that courses are offered in tiers. The more advanced, high-level tiers are typically geared toward practitioners and include bonuses that might not be relevant to non-practitioners. Also, depending on the course, you might be trying to overcome certain challenges and would find the information offered immensely valuable! You get a chance to learn directly from experts who help people just like you to overcome specific health conditions. If you are unsure, reach out to our team at support@holistichealthmasterclass.com

Are these certification courses?

Great question! Because the courses are so varied and spread out across multiple fields, some may be certificate courses while others simply cannot be due to their nature. This is something that we will always be looking to implement but, for now, certificate courses will always be clearly marked on the specific course information site.

Can I get CE credits for Holistic Health Masterclass courses?

Where possible we will always shoot for CE credits but this will vary depending on the subject matter and regulating bodies. Some organizations can be quite strict and only allow a very narrow scope to be included as part of their CE credits. If you would like your specific regulating body to approve one of our courses, please get them to contact us at support@holistichealthmasterclass.com

Do you offer any live courses are they all online? 

All of our courses are hosted on our course site and are online only. All courses come with a dedicated support forum where you can bounce ideas and questions off course creators and fellow students. There are also live Q&A group webinars for most courses. Some courses do include one-on-one coaching sessions as an option

Do you offer any refunds or guarantees? 

All courses come with a money-back guarantee. The length is dependent on the length and type of course being offered. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before registering and feel free to contact our customer service if you have any additional questions


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