How To Eat Apricot Seeds (Vitamin B17 Or Laetrile) For Cancer Treatment And Cure Chronic Diseases

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by Brett Hawes in holistic health
Vitamin B17 isn’t classified as a vitamin. It has many other names, but we all call it “laetrile” or “amygdalin.” Laetrile comes for the Latin words for the stereochemistry of the molecule, laevarotatory, and mandelonitrile, or the chemical identity.

Glucose, benzaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide are the three main components in laetrile. Cyanide may sound scary, but apricot kernels contain tiny amount of it. You need to swallow at least 65 apricot kernels in a day for it to become dangerous to your health. Cyanide is dangerous when used in large amounts. But, when used in tiny amounts and combined with other compounds, it’s safe.

Vitamin B17 and cancer

Alternative cancer doctors treat their patients with laetrile. However, the FDA bans the use of vitamin B17. Doctors can’t prescribe or treat their patients with laetrile.

Sloan Kettering was the leading cancer research center in the 1970s. Dr. Kanematsu Sugiura found that laetrile inhibits the growth of malignant lung tumors in lab mice. But, the Board of Directors at Sloan Kettering thought that the new findings would shrink profits, and didn’t support the proof. Treatments that are not patented can’t bring money.

The media played a major role here, and released a story in which cyanide in apricot kernels and apple seeds is dangerous. But, it’s a fact that cyanide kills cancer cells, and its content in kernels is too low.

Laetrile and cancer treatments

Healthy cells contain rhodanese, and enzyme that’s not found in cancer cells. Cancer cells have beta-glucosidase. Rhodanese has the ability to neutralize benzaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide in B17. It turns these into a useful compounds, and the body can use it.

Beta-glucosidase releases benzaldehyde and cyanide from laetrile, and targets cancer cells.

Laetrile also helps the body synthesize more vitamin B12. Statistics shows that many Americans lack this vitamin. When combined with high doses of vitamin C, the nutrients create a huge synergistic power

Plant-based diet is suggested by nutritionists, and your body will get enough vitamins and minerals. Laetrile needs the help of many nutrients to work efficiently. Multi-vitamin supplements will “soothe” the deficiencies.

Laetrile therapy

Laetrile is efficient, but it shouldn’t be considered as a primary cancer treatment.

The right doses can do wonders, and laetrile deserves more attention. It’s contained in the seeds/kernels of apricot, plum, peach, cherry, nectarine, avocado, apple, pear, quince, bitter almonds, macadamia nuts, etc. apricot kernels are one of the richest sources of laetrile.

Healthy dosing

Experts suggest that patients eat 24-40 kernels throughout the day. Patients in remission should use at least 16 kernels. Some people use an apricot kernel for every 10 pounds of body weight. Increase the number of kernels gradually. Take one kernel, and wait for an hour. If you notice anything strange, you’re probably eating your kernels too fast. Eating too many kernels may have a fatal income. Find what works best for you.

We give you a few stories of individuals who used apricot kernels to treat their condition.

No-surgery solution for uterus and lymph node removal

“I had scheduled surgery for uterus removal and lymph nodes around d/t cervical invasive cancer. I refused surgery, I refused CT-scan. I ordered Apricot Seeds, dry Apricots, high dose vitamin C IV administered by my friend RN. And today, 10 months later I got my Pap smear, result is clear. Nature has everything done for us. I’m 40. Now I will plan for one more kid.”

Cure for a rare cancer of lymph nodes

“I ordered this product for my brother. He has a rare cancer. He was told that there were some large lymph nodes. Doctor wanted him to come in to get a better look at what was going on before they did chemo. He had two weeks with the apricot seed. He ground 10 per day in his shake. When he went back for that closer look they saw nothing? Still it’s good to research before taking.”

Be healthy

“I grew up eating these seeds. Never got sick from it. If you ate 5 all at once, you may feel a numbing effect in your mouth, which goes away in seconds after you wash it down with water. I have had up to 20 in a day, and haven’t seen any negative effects, but you need to work your way up slowly. Don’t eat all at once. I feel healthier when I take these seeds.”

Treated 4.2 pre-cancerous pancreatic cyst of 20 years

“While I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT suggest anything for YOU and YOUR body, I took 100 of these (50 twice per day, I weigh 320 lbs.) for 14 days and they painlessly removed a 4.2 cm pre-cancerous pancreatic cyst I carried for twenty years, with ZERO side effects (FOR ME AT LEAST). I eat 30 per day every morning for continued health and maintenance. My other option was a (approx.) $80,000 life threatening, debilitating unbelievably painful and most invasive Whipple surgery. I suppose one could call these things “God’s little miracles”. They certainly were for me anyway!!!”

Removed oral bump

“I was taking this just to see what would happen. I had this bump on the corner of my mouth that appeared last spring. At first i thought it was maybe something i could pop, but it was as solid as the rest of my body. I used clay and that didn’t work. I gave up and forgot about it. I would take just 3 of these kernels a day and see if I noticed or felt anything in general. After about a month of taking this.

That bump became inflamed, sore and swollen, and the next day fell off just like a wart would. Now I wonder maybe it was more than just a bump!”

Vitamin B17 isn’t classified as a vitamin. It has many other names, but we all call it “laetrile” or “amygdalin.” Laetrile comes for the Latin words for the stereochemistry of the molecule, laevarotatory, and mandelonitrile, or the chemical identity.Glucose, benzaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide are the three main components

Source: http://www.naturalcuresandhomeremedies.com/how-to-eat-apricot-seeds-vitamin-b17-or-laetrile-for-cancer-treatment-and-cure-chronic-diseases/

Source: Juicing For Health

  1. Ginger Nash, ND says:

    nice info, Brett! have you heard anything about using sunflower seeds for B17/amgydalin content?

    1. Brett Hawes says:

      Hi Ginger! I have not heard of sunflower seeds and B17. Feel free to send info along if you have anything good to read 🙂

  2. CancerEDU says:

    Hi there, thank you for the great information.
    I did have a question though I think you might be able to help me with.
    I was wondering, Is the Banerji Protocols therapy (a new cancer treatment) really effective in increasing life expectancy in cancer
    patients? If you could provide a little insight
    I would greatly appreciate it!

    1. Brett Hawes says:

      it really depends what type of cancer we are talking about. Different types respond better to some treatments than others

  3. soorya says:

    can i use apricot seeds for diabetes,high blood pressure and cholesterol. I am just starting out by taking 2 seeds 3x per day. I intend to work up the amount slowly. I noticed my digestion is getting better and improvement in my loose stools. Thanks in advance

    1. Brett Hawes says:

      Most of the research re apricot seeds has been around cancer. BUT, one of the driving factors behind cancer is chronic inflammation. Inflammation is also a major factor in CVD and diabetes. So, yes, you can use them for what you intend but you should really be looking into a broader therapeutic protocol that addresses your primary health concerns

  4. ALFRED M.CHAMA says:

    Hi. We have been talking about taking 20 to 40 kernels of Apricot per day as treatment but for how many days or months??

    1. Brett Hawes says:

      If you look at the Hanza’s in the Himalaya’s, this was one of the staples in the diet. I don’t know of any negative side effects, but I do think that you could do 20/day indefinitely. This will mimic the Hanza diet

  5. Mr. A. M. Chama.. says:

    Where can l order Apricot kernels and how much is it? For how long should l take them at the recommended dosage of 20-40 seeds per day? What is the dosage for other kernels like Avocado and others? Please elaborate. Please help. Thanks.

    1. Brett Hawes says:

      If you look at the Hanza’s in the Himalaya’s, this was one of the staples in the diet. I don’t know of any negative side effects, but I do think that you could do 20/day indefinitely. This will mimic the Hanza diet. I am not sure where you live but these ones are really good: https://www.amazon.ca/Hunza-Gold-Organic-Apricot-Kernels/dp/B00F4ZA7AY

  6. Janessa says:

    If had a masectomy two months ago grade 2 tumor and 14 lymps nodes was removed how muah apricits seeds you suggest i should use per day

    1. Brett Hawes says:

      you should stick with the recommended 20-40 seeds a day but I would continue to monitor things with your physician.

  7. Tracy says:

    Is it safe to eat apricot seeds while on immunotherapy for stage 4 bladder cancer? If so, how many do you recommend per day?

    1. Brett Hawes says:

      the active nutrient in apricot seeds is B17 or laetrile. I don’t know of any conflicts at all, but I would suggest checking this with your health care provider

  8. Amber says:

    How do you eat the apricot seed? And is it ok while breastfeeding? Thank you

    1. Brett Hawes says:

      I would avoid eating them during pregnancy. Always err on the side of caution 🙂

  9. Roland says:

    my wife has a brain tumor how many to start off with and max number. thanks.

    1. Brett Hawes says:

      Follow the recommended 20 seeds to start. You can increase to 40/day. I have read some anecdotal reports that using apricot seeds together with B-17 as a supplement works best for brain cancer. It’s a slow journey though

  10. Lars Malbrecht says:

    If my understanding is correct I could grind up the large seeds in the fruits that I use fresh to make smoothies as a preventative eg. Avocados. Right now I just use the meat along with a number of the berries found in the mulberry family like blueberry, strawberry, raspberry. I also add banana, yogurt, milk to make my smoothies. To add a crunch I add whole almonds, flax seed, sunflower seed and dried cranberries. If I can use the seeds of the avocados without destroying my food blender I will.

    1. Brett Hawes says:

      You can use them in smoothies yes. I have seen powdered kernels as well just as an FYI

  11. Dorothy Munro says:

    I have ovarian cancer have had an operation and chemo for three years 6months ago I refused any more treatment so now I am treating myself I take lemon juice and bicarbonate of sofa my tumour no has gone to187 I have bought apricot kernels and would like to know how many and how to take swallow whole or chew

    1. Brett Hawes says:

      You can chew 20-40 kernels per day. There are also powdered kernels on the market now which can be added to smoothies, etc. Nancy did a great video on the ‘how-to’s’ of apricot kernels: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RG9Gpk9-7sQ

  12. Mark Krawchuk says:

    I have renal cell carcinoma. Stage 1 I believe. Do these work for kidney cancer

    1. Brett Hawes says:

      I think that they would make a good adjunct therapy BUT, one always has to be careful with later stage cancers. Also worth mentioning, different cancers respond to different types of treatments. I have not come across much with regards to kidney cancer and apricot kernels

  13. Wendy Turner says:

    Hi Brett, do you know whether Apricot kernals are safe for dogs and if so would the dose still be 1 Kernal per pound of body weight. My girl is 23kg and they’re testing for a tumor on the brain in a few days. Her physical symptoms are around 8 weeks old, she has recently had 2 seizures.

    1. Brett Hawes says:

      I know that dogs tend to respond very well to herbal and natural remedies in general. As I have mentioned before on this thread, apricot kernels work VERY well for some types of cancer but there is not alot of research on others. For a dog of 23kg I’d probably recommend 5 kernels a day maximum. Again, not 100% sure on how effective it will be; just offering some friendly advice 🙂

  14. Tumee says:

    What a great info thanks a lot. Can i use apricot kernels for prevent any cancer?

    1. Brett Hawes says:

      For prevention, sure. Please bear in mind though that there are many different factors that are involved with cancer. Cleaning up diet and home environment is a good start. Organic food, clean personal care products, exercise, lowering stress, etc are all equally important

  15. Ldygmni says:

    How many seeds would you advise on consuming for a breast lump?

    1. Brett Hawes says:

      The generally accepted amount is 20 kernels a day. Please note that I am not giving medical advice here. There are many other factors when it comes to breast cancer – BRCA genes, estrogenic chemicals, hormone imbalances, toxins, stress and lifestyle. It is best to consult with a competent practitioner who has experience in this area

      1. Zulfiqar says:

        Hi my mum had breast cancer and she had it removed about year ago but she didn’t do chemo or radio then all suddenly she started to get pains in the back then found out she’s got spinal cord cancer stage 4 I’ve brought some raw apricot kernels and I’m gonna try cbd oil together. How many kernels would you recommend to take and how many cbd oil drop? And how long would it take for it to start seeing signs that it’s working?

        1. Brett Hawes says:

          Hi there, I would suggest eating ~14 kernels per day (this is usually the rough amount that is advised).

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