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Welcome back to holistic health, my supplies podcast. This is Brett and I am coming to you here on March 18. We are mid pandemic and things are shutting down real fast all over the world. So wherever you are, I just hope that you’re doing okay that you’re staying safe, that you are self isolating, and that you’re taking the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your family. You know, I don’t want to make this a somber episode because that’s not really what it’s about. And I also don’t want to make it a long episode because my recording that I did, which I’ll get to in a second is long enough on its own. Okay, so I’m just going to leave it at that.


I’m going to be depending on when you’re listening to this, I’m going to be doing a distilled podcast on its own. That sort of discusses a few of these things that I’m going to talk about with Dr. James Lyons Wyler today, I want to talk about them in more simplistic terms, okay, because I understand that a lot of you listening to this or maybe not scientists are not health professionals. You don’t understand the lingo. And but I wanted to leave this recording in its entirety as it is okay. It saves me time on editing, but also, for those of you that are perhaps more science minded, or doctors or medical professionals and so on, and you will appreciate James going into some more detail on some of the finer points and the nitty gritty. Also just want to point out that you know, there are things that we know that things that we Don’t know, there are things that we think we know. And there’s things that we just know absolutely nothing about at all. So this just bear this in mind and put this in context, when you’re listening to this. Things are moving real fast here. And there are constantly new developments happening. So I’ve done my best to try and not get too far ahead of the story. And to give you the best snapshot of where we’re at right now. All right, so my guest today is Dr. James Lyons Wyler, also known as Dr. JACK, and for longtime listeners of the show, you would have remembered him from the previous podcasts that we did on vaccines. So, you know, if you I’m not going to get into his whole history, and his whole bio, suffice to say that he is a PhD scientist. And he has designed many, many studies. He’s worked with some of the top universities in the world. And he’s an esteemed and respected scientists and is also very, very good with predictive modeling. And so, you know, you’ll get a sense of that when you listen to This podcast. But here’s the snapshot of what we talked about. Right? So we talked about some of the basic stuff. So how is this transmitted? And what are the sort of incubation periods? What should people do? We talked about self isolating and self quarantining and why that’s important. We obviously talk about the spread, right? And I asked a very blunt question, you know, should we be concerned is this pandemic actually going to blow up? So we talked about that and we get into the ins and outs of that. We also talk a little bit about the weather whether or not this is manmade because this is something that’s going on out there, people are suggesting that this is manmade, that it’s 100% bio weapon that it’s you know, manufactured in the lab and genetically altered etc, etc. And I’ve now had multiple reports as a study that was published in Nature as well the journal Nature, which shows that this is not in fact, man made. Okay. So for those of you that are perhaps a little bit more conspiratorial, I’m just I’m just Gonna leave that subject right there. And I’ll let you debate that. And, you know, hit me up online as well if you want. We spend a good deal of time about talking about what we can actually do. Right. So we do talk about nutraceuticals, and some novel supplementation that may work. I’m going to be doing a separate podcast on that. So if you’re listening to this in the future, there will be a link in the show notes. If you’re listening to this fresh right now, today, March 18. You can expect that podcast within the next couple of days. Okay. So we talked about nutraceuticals, what supplements actually work to the best of our knowledge base with current science. And of course, we talk about vaccines, right. So, you know, we’re looking now at everyone scrambling to find a vaccine. And miraculously, we have the Chinese we’ve got the Israelis, we’ve got the Canadians, we’ve got all these different countries around the world, that miraculously two and a half months, post discovery of this virus, we all of a sudden have A vaccine that is ready to go with human trials at time of recording, they are in fact doing human trials in Seattle, I believe. And they’ve mustered up 45 participants with no placebo controls. And of course, as you will hear in this podcast, there are genuine concerns with regards to no animal safety studies, and also looking at the previous SARS vaccine and what happened with those animal studies there as well. We talked a lot about reinfection. And this is an important point, right? You know, you see in the UK right now, and they’ve actually pulled a full 180. So their approach was going to be let everyone get infected, and thereby we would create herd immunity. And they really just did a full one ad on that because they realized that the implications would be extremely serious. Part of the reason why that would be serious is we don’t really know how this affects people yet. Okay, there are more than likely underlying genetic factors. They are also comorbidity factors, so people with pre existing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cerebrovascular disease and so forth. But when you talk about reinfection, it’s starting to become a little bit clear that people who have either previously been infected with SARS, so the original SARS, or Maris, so in the RS, Middle Eastern respiratory zone, Respiratory Syndrome virus, so that’s m ers, it’s now starting to look like these folks who have been exposed to those viruses previously have a much more aggressive response to Kovac 19. We obviously bring into the fold of vaccine and we talk a little bit about why and how this vaccine might play out. And quite frankly, that the vaccine is not necessarily the answer, and it is not going to save this pandemic at all. So I think that you’re going to find this quite interesting. There’s a lot of really, really useful information. And again, for those of you that are not super sciency, I’m going to be putting a link to a shorter summary. Where am I going to speak about this in very plain English? Right? So I have a lot more to say. But you get to be hearing from me through Facebook and elsewhere. I want to talk about supplements. I want to talk about what you can do and what’s going on out there. So just stay tuned to the podcast. If you’re not following me on Facebook, just you know, check out the links on the website. And yeah, anyway, so this recording was actually a Facebook Live that we streamed a couple of days ago. It’s up on YouTube, if you want to actually watch the video. So check out the links in the show notes there. You can see us talking if you want to look at some bobbing heads. And yeah, so that you’ll you’ll just hear that in the introduction of this episode. All right, so I’m gonna leave it at that. Thanks for tuning in. And here is Dr. James Lyons Wyler.


Alright, Hello everyone. We have obviously had some tech issues. So we are coming to you live through Facebook. Multiple platforms. And hopefully those of you who are following me, Brett Hawes, you are on James’s platform. But either way, whether you’re catching this live, whether you’re catching the replay, we are here with some very important information and a bit of an update and a bit of an expansion on what’s going on with the corona virus, pandemic and so forth. James, I’m joined today by Dr. James Lyons, Wyler. And James, thank you for joining me today. How are you?


I’m well, thank you. And thanks for interviewing me. This is a important time. Thanks so much.


It is indeed. And I think, you know, there’s a lot of panic, there’s a lot of chaos, there’s a bit of confusion. And I think there’s also some things that we are being told and things that maybe we’re not being told. So I just want to sort of preface this entire discussion today. For those of you who are not familiar with me, first of all, I will introduce myself My name is Brett Hawes. I am a functional medicine practitioner, a clinical nutritionist and a professional educator. I host the podcast Holistic Health masterclass podcast. And that is partly why we’re here today. I’ve actually had Dr. jack on my podcast before. And we literally conspired, I would say a little bit later last night to hop on this call this morning. And just to unpack some breaking news. So the the purpose of today’s live session is twofold, probably threefold. First of all, I want to sort of cut through some of the noise out there because the media has created a lot of panic, a lot of hype. And what I want to do today is I really want to try and decipher and discern what is hype and what is actually in fact real. So there’s that side of things. The other thing I want to look at is, you know, and acknowledge is that there’s things that we know right now, there’s Things that we suspect, and we can speculate. And there’s things that we absolutely don’t know. So at time of recording, if you’re watching this even two or three days later, because this is such a fast moving story, some of the information that we share here might have changed might, in fact, be incorrect. But we’re going to do our best here at this particular time, March 14, at 9am, or 9:15am, we’re going to do our best to pull some of this together for you. So, Dr. JACK, and I’m just gonna call you jack here. Mm hmm. Now, I’m trying to I was trying to figure out a good point to start our discussion today. And I think what I would like to do is just hit some of the easy points, right? I want to avoid rehashing what media is saying and what most people know. So obviously, when we look at the numbers, this pandemic is it is in fact exploding, and this exponential growth in multiple in all countries for that matter, but just as much morning we woke up to report that the EU is now the epicenter for for what’s actually happening. So, first and foremost, very, very straightforward here. How How do people actually catch the corona virus because you know, there’s reports of it lives on surfaces for X amount of time it can become aerosolized, etc, etc. So let’s just start there, and we can sort of move our way forward.


Sure. Thanks, Brett. So great. So opening question. Clearly, the initial reports that this virus has an a long, an unusual and uncharacteristic for Corona virus asymptomatic period is those reports are correct. It’s the only thing that could explain the rapid spread of the virus.


I’ve done modeling other people have done modeling and you know, you absolutely have to have a, an asymptomatic period


to see the number of cases


that are obviously you know, touching Anything in public that has a virus on it or shaking hands or hugging or kissing or that kind of thing. This is an easy way to transfer almost any virus, but this one also, apparently can be transferred. through the air part, I’m calling it partially aerosolized. But it seems like people that were in buildings and excuse me on cruise ships that had closed circulatory systems circulation systems. There’s one report from China where a person was tracked. He had no contact whatsoever with anyone who had a diagnosis when they were doing contact racing. And they found him on closed circuit television entering a bus and the person that had been infected, had left the bus for hours previously. So it seems like it has a lingering tendency. It’s highly infectious is the is the word which is a different it’s highly transmissible. It’s a very different idea then, you know, lethality which is violence?


Hmm. So okay, so that’s so I mean, obviously the regular precautions, you know, washing hands, avoiding contact and so forth. But here’s another thing. And, again, I’m just trying to figure out how to unpack this for people so that it’s understandable. You know, why have we seen such a rapid escalation over the last literally 10 to 14 days because you were actually sounding the alarm probably two or three weeks ago now and really saying, we need to constrain this we need to limit contact with one another and so forth. So how is it that whether it’s the authorities or why are we just so late to the game and why is this escalating at such a rapid pace?


That’s a great question. So multiple social factors that have been at play. Among those social factors include political Let’s back up a little we had data from clear data from China and other countries where the outbreak had gotten out of hand. And we also had data coming in from Italy. We knew some of the characteristics of this outbreak and the including the clinical symptoms that people say, Well, how do we know? We’ll get to testing I’m sure, but how do we know that it’s actually coronavirus and not some diagnostic substitution and that they’re trying to control society and that this is some kind of a hammer that’s being slammed down. It would take a extraordinary amount of planning for this to have been planned way back in 2005. And I’ll get to why I think that that’s unlikely. But nevertheless, the CDC distributed some tests,


shipped out some tests


to the princess cruise ship and those times


had a tendency for false negatives,


I had done an analysis of that


the constituent parts of the test that make the test work and sent the results to CDC. And now I have alerted the FDA and the FDA has responded with great interest about the specific mechanical things that are wrong or biochemical things that are wrong with the test. And


so obviously, if you have a Corona virus and you’re asymptomatic and you test negative, and you’re like, oh, from the cruise ship, you can spread it that way. It I don’t want to do finger pointing but you know, the the presidential administration clearly has favored. Business as usual in terms of the economy for as long as possible. They needed a window of time, I think to get their particular ducks in a row. But in reality, this virus had been traveling to the United States, at least, you know, probably since late November. Early change They were talking about hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people then who, you know, had it. And this may explain it must have been here much earlier than the cruise ship. Because this May this may explain why we hit the hockey stick part of the curve so fast in my modeling, if we were complacent for 18 days, it still took, you know, a month, a month or two, before we would reach the hockey stick with the characteristics. So this is with with this virus. So, you know, we’re looking at a situation where it’s already entrenched in the United States and people are waking up to it because it’s starting to reach those parts of the population that have the most serious illness from it.




yeah, and so I think it’s all these all these factors that was here far earlier than we thought there was no response. There was an inadequate response to the early calls to at least tell people to stop hugging and kissing. I know you’re right two or three weeks ago, it stopped putting your hands above your shoulders, that kind of thing. And now the social distancing that we’re, you know, the voluntary quarantine that’s been suggested, I think will morph into mandatory quarantine and people need to understand how important that is from the perspective. You know, I’m the last guy to rollover to totalitarianism. But people have to understand if you enjoy the comfort of your home if you’re under mandatory quarantine, don’t break it because you will be away from your children, your house, your your food, everything. You’ll be away from everything that you know and love, because they’ll put you into a mandatory quarantine situation. If you break a mandatory quarantine as far as I know, there’s no mandatory quarantine so far, but I haven’t read all the headlines this morning.


Right And as I said, you know, this is such a breaking story that we’re starting to see. I mean, you Even here in Canada, they’re talking about literally sealing up the border. And as far as I might be slightly incorrect with this, but I believe that cruise ships are no longer allowed to dock in Canada. So that’s the closest or Sooners docking date will be July I believe. So yeah, this is moving at breakneck speed and borders are getting sealed up real tight. But let’s hit another question that’s probably on everyone’s mind. And that is, you know, this. There’s a lot of memes floating around out there. And one of them is, you know, this is just the regular flu. We don’t need a panic. It’s just the same. It’s a mild cold. And I want to talk about the first thing is obviously, I mean, is that correct? What are we looking at in terms of rates of infection, and then to follow that rates of mortality? And then the second one is, you know, we’re obviously starting to see different populations are being affected differently by the virus itself, right. So, you know, I think something you posted late last night. Which was a research study showing that people in Wu Han and who Bay province are way more susceptible and that the symptoms that they’re experiencing are way more aggressive than, say people here in the West. So maybe you can sort of unpack that a little bit for us.


Sure. So there’s a couple of couple of questions there. The rate of reproduction of the virus is not an intrinsic characteristic of the virus, it depends on how the host species responds. And since we have cultural intelligence, I’d like to think we have intelligence, concern, intelligence and technology. We know we can actually modify the rate of spread as everyone clearly understands. Now, I think, by by changing our behavior, by not aggregating into large groups by not touching our face by not, you know, these kinds of things, but they are not. There’s estimates that range, you know, it’s above two to maybe as high as four. You know, maybe a Little bit above four. And what that means the R naught is the reproductive number, that’s a basic reproductive number. Now, some people tend to call it a rate it is not a rate because a rate measure requires the number of infections per unit time. It is simply a number during an outbreak, it is understood that a person will in fact 123 or four. Okay? So the entire rate is that until you’re no longer capable of transmitting, okay, so don’t call it a rate it’s are not it’s the number of people that you’re likely to infect. And you know, it’s the cool thing about simulations and modeling is that we can assume that we do nothing, and we just take a lackadaisical approach, we can assume and modify the amount of social distancing and we can model in an ideal model and the effects of therapeutics and treatment and so,


the depth of the mortality rate


is linearly related to your l two So, if you have anybody who’s the it’s not unique to the elderly, but if you have anybody that’s elderly, and has other conditions, health risk conditions, they are at most risk and they should be protected and don’t go visit Grandma, you know, leave groceries on the doorstep and things like that. But, um, you know, so there’s a 10% case fatality rate in people that have cardiovascular disease, there’s a 6% case fatality rate people who have diabetes, we’ll look at the United States of America, what do we have 45% that have metabolic syndrome. And so, we’re a bit of a sitting duck here. Certainly, there’s been a lot of discussion about the biochemical molecule as to which is a receptor on lung epithelial tissue that the virus enters into the cells by Phase Two is known, very well known now by a lot of people in our community to be increased in, in people who smoke. And so if you smoke, if you know someone who’s smoke, now’s the time to take the opportunity to finally kick the habit for sure. You know, the if you have multiple risk factors, you’re elderly, you smoke, you’ve got diabetes, and you’ve got, you know, chronic heart condition, a cardiovascular condition, you’re on high blood pressure medicines, you want to be sure that you do not get this virus that you don’t want to be sure that now the difference that you asked about in lieu Han province, oh, sorry, who Bay province was something that I predicted could could and was very likely to happen. Specifically, you know, there’s what I when I first made the when I first made the phylogenetic analysis about where this thing came from a little bit which is There’s another important a completely important discussion, but we’re kind of gonna stay clear of that for this. What are the facts that people need to know now? Exactly that in who Bay province, I suspect that that there had been a phase two or phase three vaccine trial that the Chinese didn’t tell the public about or tell the world about so they could get a jump on the market of a Corona virus vaccine. And the reason why I suspected that is because we know that the Chinese created for SARS, they created a not SARS cough, too. But for SARS. They have they held a phase one clinical trial. And they had something like 120 people that were registered in that clinical trial. And then the next step would be to assess safety to take a look at large, larger populations. Now, this clinical trial


happened a long time ago it happened like 2008 2009


And there was kind of a moratorium worldwide moratorium over doing, you know, human vaccine safety studies with stars, not because of the anti vaxxers. Because in 2008 to 2016, you know, 2015, where we’re, you know that where was the vaccine risk aware public that Valve exists? It was a much, much, much smaller movement. But in reality it was because the the animal safety studies that were done, actually showed high morbidity and mortality in mice and in ferrets that were infected with the SARS spike protein as a vaccine, and then when the mice were infected with the virus, then then they had a serious, very serious mortality rate. So that’s the reason why those why we don’t have a SARS vaccine. And Peter Hotez was testifying to Congress earlier this week, and he completely missed Let the American public you completely misled that committee by saying that is the anti vaxxers are the reason why we don’t have SARS, because we couldn’t get funding. You know, it’s not gonna get away with it either. We’re gonna get into this and deep, but he’s not going to get away with it. Because everybody that’s watching this video, I predict by the end of the video will be calling your congressmen and senators. So you might want to start picking up the contact information.


Right, and we’ll definitely circle back to that. I think just to sort of boil things down for people. Are you and just to sort of throw a couple of general questions that maybe we can answer in a very straightforward fashion. And should we be very concerned based on like, from my understanding the R naught or you know, how many people each person would infect here in North America anyway, is actually quite low. As far as I know. Like I’ve heard other scientists and doctors from Johns Hopkins, for example, that have said they’re not really concerned about that are not united and I don’t know what that is perhaps, you know, whether it’s one, you know, one person in fix 2.4 or 2.8 people somewhere on there. And, but But the other thing is, you know, the exponential spread, right? I mean, are you someone who does predictive modeling and, you know, translational science? Like, are you concerned that this is really going to blow up?


it? Well, we’re actually seeing that it is blowing up. So there’s no doubt about it. I think it’s, I think that doctor will be rethinking his position. He may not be concerned about they are not for the general population, but he certainly should be concerned that patients will be walking in that hat for any reason like a broken arm, twisted ankle and carry the corona virus into his medical facility. We need to understand that the virus doesn’t actually wait for you to have symptoms for to infect the doctor that’s examining you. Our medical front liners are are going to be swapped. There’s no doubt about it. Let’s break down the expected rate. Let me answer the first question the actual Argonaut in the United States will change from week to week as the steps to social isolate, you know, to get this under control, what we want to do is we want to change the inflection of the curve from exponential was where it is now to flatten it out and then turn it down. And the way to do that is to target this or not. We have a situation where there’s been this virus that’s been circulating there’s I just saw a report that the estimate there’s 100,000 people in the state of Ohio alone that probably have it the moment


I saw that, yeah, yeah. It’s so if that’s true, and each one of them


you know, in fact, more than two people because as they go through your kids go to school, you know, you go to work you’re shopping you’re you know, you know, the China was burning currency because they figured out that the virus can be passed on through dollar bills. You know, the currency paper currency. It’s it’s I’m going to go with the safe safe assumption and say that this is spreading at a rate that’s greater than 2.1. In the United States, but and the reason why I say that is the shape of the curve tells us that we’re, we can expect at least a doubling of new new recognize cases, that the point of inflection in that in that curve when it’s at its maximum. You know, people think that it’s an exponential curve. It’s not it’s actually a sigmoidal curve. And I’d hate to get technical, but what that means is, it starts out flat, and then it goes into a point of inflection where it’s basically taking a straight up. And that happened so quickly, for people to say this is just like the flu. No, it’s not because the flu of the same time period is going linear increase. Okay? It’s, it’s and it’s much, much lower in terms of the rate of new patients. So if we’ve reached this point of inflection than what happens in diseases in a population That are infectious, they will start running out of new people to infect, and then the curve was flat. Now, that’s a sigmoidal curve. And that’s where China is right now. China is, as everyone knows, but what we see is draconian measures. We see the people, you know, being arrested, being thrown into ambulances and this kind of thing. We tend to think that that’s a general thing that’s happening. And it’s not what what my understanding is that and I’m not making an apology for the Chinese government for handling people this way. But my understanding is that these are people who have multiple times quarantine, or we’re trying to travel out of the province after they closed the border. And, and so you can expect unfortunately, I hope it doesn’t come to that. But I think we can expect because people will tend to act selfishly. There was a there was a medical student that was traveling in Europe, and he came back home and he didn’t self isolate, and yet he knew that he had had been someplace where there were people with this infection and and he came home instead of self isolating it went to the mall, he went out got something to eat, that’s a very selfish act, because he may have offset a new chain of transmission that could affect millions. It’s very, very important that you understand that we are part of the problem. It is very difficult for the human mind to accept. There’s one person I know that I’ve been in contact with about this since since January. And this person hadn’t seen a neighbor in a long time. And they, just a few days ago, they saw the neighbor that went over and gave him a big hug. That was like cocky, caring, you know, you got it. It’s not that they don’t care. It’s that that that definite kind of gut react the gut awareness. Intellectually. We know the math. We know that we should isolate. Yeah, yeah, the gut reaction is Yeah, but I don’t want my kid to be stuck in a quarantine at his friend’s house. So I have to break quarantine. If you break quarantine to go get your kid at a friend’s house rather than call the authorities and say I would like to transport my child. Can you? How do I do that? You know, don’t think that that there’s not even if you see your neighbor, you know, in a stressful situation, he The first thing to do is to say, Okay, how do I do this? I need my child home. I don’t want them over there. So I’m not asking people to bow to the state. I’m asking people to use the state. Don’t give up your rights, that people don’t go to the first place that people give up the rights is in their heart, where they give up and they say, okay, the government’s so out of control, and we can’t do anything about it. Don’t give up in your heart that there’s a human being at the other end of the phone, but he called the health department or the he who by the way, is most likely working from home, but they probably are setting up phone lines for people to answer these calls from home. So they too are isolated. We’re really all in this together.


Yeah, well, and I think again, you know, it’s just Smart sort of sensible advice? So another big question, you know, you brought it up earlier, and I think it’s, it’s probably a good thing to discuss is testing. Okay. I mean, that’s been making a lot of news headlines lately, you know, access to testing all the testing, is the testing accurate? How many people out there are actually, you know, infected and do not have have not been tested? So I don’t know. I don’t know what you want to start with that. But maybe you can give us some numbers and how this is all shaking out.


I want to start with that the history books will blame this, the rate of spread in the United States on the CDC, the World Health Organization, you know, had had a viable test. It was made in Germany, German engineered test, the CDC said No, thank you. This was a few few weeks ago, where we could have been having testing and everybody understands the importance of accurate diagnostics from this setting now, and they said No, thank you. We have our own. Ironically, that is the exact same thing. People at the CDC in their diagnostics sent to me. When I had created the Ebola rapid sa development Consortium, they were going to put through blood draws in the airport to do PCR testing for Ebola during the 2014 Ebola outbreak, and I had realized that was going to be a problem. So I pulled together three universities under the Ebola rapid sa development Consortium. And we were going to use a colorimetric test with your saliva into a bottle. And then you drop the bottle into a plastic bag and seal it. And then you hand it to the person so you’re not bleeding all over the airport. And yeah, so this testing could have been started three weeks ago. And the mysterious number that denominator of people who were tested only matters for a short period of time now because pretty soon everyone will be affected to see expectation if unless they get a test out there and then they can really triage people medically, they can triage people. The so the test has some technical flaws that I mentioned earlier, I communicated those to the CDC and the FDA, they should probably ignore part of the test, there’s, I think four of the probe sets that will amplify human protein coding genes, they should just ignore that part of the kit and use the rest of it, it shouldn’t lead to a delay in the rollout of the test, they should just have a different interpretation, they use a three out of four probe set criteria, they should really use a one out of two or two out of three, and ignore the ones that they have are likely to give you a false negative. And so we really don’t know let’s say an actual number. But again, if you look at the curve, it really super matters at this point in time and when this infection is taking off, if you get to be able to triage it, it matters here too, but at the point in time when you have so many people that are sick in the medical community He’s already overwhelmed. testings not going to matter anymore. It’s really not going to matter. That’s why they moved to presume positive where you say, Okay, listen, it’s better safe than sorry, go home and quarantine your one person. We recommend that you stay home for 14 days. Sorry about the inconvenience. We don’t know your status. But all right. And at that point in time, they’re not going to be talking to individuals, they’re going to be saying, Okay, well, if it’s good for them, it’s good for everybody else. But the hundred thousand cases, how can you overnight determine which hundred thousand cases in Ohio have the corona virus, which don’t even if you could test everyone, right, it’s not tracked? Right. It’s just not a feasible operation.


Okay, so that’s good to know. Do you do you feel that the numbers that are being sort of thrown around are that we we suspect that at maybe the height of this epidemic that 60% of the population will be infected? Do you think that’s a good number or higher or lower?


I think that that determines on what happens. Well, I should have started two weeks ago, but you know, the We still have time to reduce that percentage of infection. And, you know, we can see at least 50%. Now that I know that they’re shutting down schools now that I know, we know that they’re people that have kids and have to stop work and go home to take care of their kids. The problem with shutting down schools, of course, is that about 20% of the nurses workforce in the country, have school aged children. And, you know, there hasn’t been a lot of kind of forethought. And this is what I was saying last week, if we’re going to shut down the schools, make sure that you have some kind of a daycare sharing situation for the kids or the nurses. For the kids or the doctors. You have to take care of these people. Not that they’re separate cast, but you have to make sure that they’re able to do their job. Because with 6% of people with this infection, getting getting the ice in the ICU, requiring the ICU up to let’s call it up to 66 percent because there’s something strange in the who Bay province that we talked about in 14% of people, both medical and non medical, just regular people having serious illness, I think we have something like 750,000 beds in the United States, we need room, they need millions, we all and we may have 46,000 ICU beds, and we’re going to need, you know, hundreds of thousands, hopefully not millions of those. The problem is that the medical community becomes overwhelmed and they can’t, they can’t handle other things that they handle. And so there are other people that have conditions that are equally lethal and those other conditions can actually be become neglected and people can be turned away for a hospital bed. Because you know, they’re so overwhelmed about about whether or not this is going to be contagious, to their staff and to everybody that works at a hospital. If we could Bob’s back to who Bay, this, this this Question made me remember that, you know, there’s a, there’s a bias towards men in terms of being seriously ill, so far as we know from the Chinese data, but the Chinese have a very, very huge gender bias for smoking. So, you know, it seems like, it seems like there’s a number of factors that could be going on here. I’m not saying that they did do a phase three clinical trial, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re trying to get a jump on it. I don’t have any independent data. I’ve tried to look for it that shows that they did a phase two or three clinical trial and who be sensitized people. But that’s really important to think about the sensitization of being exposed to that spike protein.


Well, okay, so I want to come back to that in just a second because I want to address the elephant in the room, which is obviously the vaccine as well. So we’ll get to that in a minute. So are we seeing that the mortality rates I mean, I’ve heard the number 0.6% as the sort of mortality rate is that An accurate number.


Well, that that 0.6% overall, you’re talking about in the United States or worldwide,


worldwide. I mean, obviously, it’s gonna differ slightly from region to region, which we’ll get into in a second. Right? And through through different demographics of population as well, obviously,



yeah, sorry, I’ve gone back and forth. So so so when people say, Well, maybe we don’t have so much to worry about, because it’s certainly a 25 year old person probably doesn’t have much to worry about. I’m 50 something and so there are 35 year olds who have died from this. And you know, from if you try to assess individual risk from 0.6% is just like the flu. It’s a bad mistake to make because the flu doesn’t have as quick a rate of spread of so many people getting sick and dying at the same time. And so what we tried to do is we’re trying to do social distancing and isolation and hope and now I see that they’re funding therapeutics as well. I just saw that some philanthropists including Bill Gates, Probably got the AIPAC memo to go ahead and start funding therapeutics, because social distancing alone won’t solve this. We actually need antivirals on the table, we need vitamin C, we need, you know, herbal therapeutics, anything that will slow down. The virulence, you know, reduce the variance of the virus reduce the rate of transmission of the virus. When people say, Well, we don’t have to worry because it’s 0.6%. worldwide. I point to Italy. Italy is a European country, Italy has Mediterranean lifestyle, they drink red wine, they, you know, they eat the Mediterranean diet, so on and so on. There’s something about Italy, all right point to Arad. Okay, there’s something different about Iran. And I already said earlier, you know, 45% of Americans have a precondition that predisposes them to serious risk of serious illness, critical illness and more mortality from this virus. We are not a random group of people. The rest of the world we and so then most medical doctors who have looked at this said that yes, we’re probably that we could be worse off than Italy as a as a country.


Oh, wow. Okay. So, I mean that that’s good to know, it’s important to know. Let’s you brought it up. Let’s talk about therapeutics. Obviously, you know, the narrative that I keep hearing out there is everyone loves to talk about numbers. We’d love to talk about how you know, what could potentially happen and how bad things are anecdotal stories, etc, etc. But when it comes to the topic of, of what can we do, aside from washing hands, social distancing, isolating, quarantine, etc. There’s not a whole lot of talk about actual therapeutics, and then most people are defaulting to, you know, until the vaccine arrives. You keep washing your hands, you know, quarantining yourself, etc. So, let’s let’s leave the vaccine topic alone just for a few minutes and are there therapeutics that are being implemented on a large scale. Whether you know vitamin C, I think that that’s been thrown around a lot and correct me if I’m wrong, I do believe that they are actually curing people in China with vitamin C, whether that’s intravenous, whether it’s already taken. But let’s start with the therapeutics. What have you heard? I mean, do we have antivirals? Do we have access to these things? do they work?


Well? That’s a great question. So I direct people to James Lyons wireless Comm. There’s a article of 21 key points that you need to know about this Corona virus that includes the studies, the science that shows which antivirals might be useful. One of them is clerk when phosphate The Chinese have a study, they are using it. And they they’re starting to get things under control there with very, very few new number of cases per day, no. high dose vitamin C, there are anecdotes on that. The thing I want to emphasize that I think that we should really explore very rapidly in the United States is to get the people Who have survived the infection that have antibodies? Right into triage situation where they can find out who can donate and who cannot donate plasma? Can you take a liter and a half if you’re the top of plasma, it’s a lot, but we need it. And you isolate the antibodies and you create a product that’s called convalescent plasma therapy for convalescent plasma therapy, the survivors because there’s going to be hundreds of thousands of survivors who had mild illness, there should be plenty of convalescent serum around the CDC doesn’t want to do this, because, well, you know, they want to put on their superhero cape and they want to bring the vaccine to America. They think that they are at the end of the script of a movie and save the world by injecting a needle into their thigh and say, Look, I did this for your dad. But the reality is, you know, the reality is we’re sitting on top Something that could really be, I think we must do it. And if people who are involved in seeking therapeutics go, you know, the philanthropist, if they see this video, they go to James Lyons, wild calm. There’s 21 objective points. They’re backed by science. But I don’t think I emphasize convalescent plasma therapy enough, because there are people with the cure in our bodies walking around. So how do you if somebody, I get messages all the time with questions? I’m sorry if I can’t keep up everyone’s questions and but people say well, is it more dangerous as it is as dangerous as a vaccine is there so there’s no adjutant there’s snow, all the other stuff that people don’t want in their vaccines, there’s no aborted fetal cells and so on what we have, unlike vaccines, what we have is a series of antibodies that for front liners, especially in the medical community, probably you know, need need to get this up front and I do want to say that people are going to You know, calling and have called President Trump selfish because he hasn’t been tested. I want people to remember President Trump is the


not only the executive and chief


executive and chief of America, the United States of America. He’s also the highest ranking official in the US military. He’s the commander in chief. So if you don’t think that the military has already protected our boys and girls, okay, but with convalescent serum therapy, you know, plasma therapy, you know, he is protected by some other means. I’m sure he’s the president of the United States. If you’re liberal and you’re on the side of the globe, he’s like a punching bag. He’s like a clown, but in reality, in every way, shape and form November, no matter who sits in that office, they are going to be given the ultimate protection because their commander in chief of the military, so we We really need to start. We need to stop politicizing this. I don’t care what side party you’re part of, I don’t care if you’re an independent. I don’t care if you’re a liberal, I don’t care if you’re conservative. Everyone needs to stop political talk. I’m talking about Nancy Pelosi, I’m talking about Republicans, you know, it is absolutely beyond the pale at this point, to politicize this any further, that we absolutely all have to pull in the same direction because this virus doesn’t check your voting card, just like a vaccine doesn’t check your voting card, you know, or whether you’re religious or not, if you’re going to be injured by a vaccine. This virus doesn’t pair it’s a honey badger virus, peak prosperity. I got to give a shout out to peak prosperity. That’s their phrase, that guy’s great. He’s been on this every day. But chloroquine phosphate is important. convalescent therapy is important and things that you think are antiviral that Before the medical community goes crazy and says, Wait a minute, well, you know, you’re gonna give them some arbitrary herbal, you’re giving people encouraging people to try herbal supplements. You’re crazy. This is not a crazy position because I’ll tell you why. This is I’m going to show it with my hand again, this is what happens. If you do nothing, right? To the senate takes over the country and we lose 10% 20% of our elderly. This is what happens. If you do just social isolation, it stabilizes. It actually oscillates like this back and forth. Okay. This is what happens if you just do convalesce. If you just do therapies, it stabilizes at a high rate. But if you do combination of social distancing, and you reduce the virulence of this thing, and cut it down with anything that works, but doesn’t hurt anything that could help but doesn’t hurt, then it goes up and it crashes. And that’s what we want, right? We want to get better. To work, we want to get back to school. We want it to go up, stop and nosedive down. And the simulations show this. And so if somebody has a tea leaf extract that they think is antiviral, it’s if it’s not going to hurt you. Sure, take it, but don’t count on that alone to count on, you know, if they offer your clerk when phosphate if they start distributing antivirals, you know, if you’re in a really high dense population population area where people have to get out. or certainly if you’re in the medical frontlines, you absolutely start to in this is what I want to say one thing that I need people to ask their congressman for right now is a hearing on why the CDC has not brought forward convalescent plasma serum plasma therapy. That’s, that’s issue number one, get ahold of your congressman or senator today, get their email and call their office as well and say that you really absolutely want to hearing on why Congress why CDC has not mentioned convalescent plasma therapy for the United States citizens?


Mm hmm. And, you know, I think it’s also important to point out that the Chinese are actually doing there are many, many clinical trials that are being done on herbal therapies right now. Oh, sure. You know, I mean, their medical system is essentially half allopathic and half traditional Chinese medicine. So let’s not, you know, discount, you know, because everyone is sort of waiting for the pharmaceutical solution to kick in and, you know, the drugs and whatnot. But I think, you know, if we go down to the health food store, we can shop online, we have access to antiviral Herbes. Some of those would include and are not limited to things like olive leaf berberine, golden seal, oregano oil, you know, vitamin C, we’ve spoken about as well. So there are many, many things that could potentially help but I think what’s also important to understand is that, you know, because people love to shoot, shoot everyone down, you know, where’s the science, where’s the literature, and while we have some literature and some science, I think it’s Also important to point out that we are dealing with something that’s novel. So all of this stuff is happening and emerging right now. So best to just be prepared and do what you can. And, you know, again, as you said, do all of the other preventative measures to essentially give yourself the best fighting chance to that you can,


Buck No, let me say one last point on that. So Selenium is one I didn’t mention, and acetylcysteine, spirulina and high dose glucose, I mean, they’re looking at ramped as severe. We have studies that show the poor Quinn and REM does severe inhibit the entry of the 2019 and cough in vitro. So the studies are there. There’s also an active compound and licorice roots.


My point is, what would they have is to self quarantine for 12-24 months, you know, self isolate for that long while they figure out their vaccine or would they also like to know that The population is trying to bring this thing to an end by using things that can’t hurt them that might help. And actually, this is a like you said, it’s we’re breaking new ground here. I think it’s very important that people not try anything that is sold as snake oil. And it don’t pry don’t reinforce anybody that says I have a cure for, you know, coffee 19. Ask them for the clinical study. If they don’t have it, then look at the product yourself and say, okay, is this something that could potentially harm me? Does it make any sense that this could potentially harm me? And, you know, be really careful about taking anything that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to take? Like, if somebody says, Well, I have to extract from some mixture of gasoline and astragalus root? No, I’m not taking it. I’m not going to be put, you know, putting gasoline in my stomach.


Yeah, well, I think what’s important to recognize is that they are tried and tested antivirals generally speaking are general antivirals out there. You know, you and I both listed some of those in these last few minutes. Okay, so let’s address the elephant in the room, which is the vaccine. Everyone, as I said, is sort of hoping and praying that we’re going to have a vaccine. And I just want to sort of paint the picture here and preamble a little bit. Typically, vaccines take many, many years to develop, depending on the type of vaccine that could be anywhere from eight to 15 years. And coincidentally, we now have the Chinese who are saying that they’re ready to go, and probably in April, that that that’s been thrown out there. That’s actually those are news articles. We now also have a Canadian company that says that they can manufacture a vaccine that is not cultured or grown in egg. It’s actually I believe it’s plant based. I’m not quite sure what that means exactly. But they can turn the vaccine around in 20 days now.


Where do we start with this? James, what do you have to say about all of this?


Well, let’s start at the beginning. And let’s say that I was to develop a vaccine, the first thing that I would have to do is, you know, find some components of the pathogenic bacteria or virus,



or other organisms that I think have potential use in the vaccine, by by being immunogen immunogenic. That means that they’re capable of mounting an immune response. And once I’ve identified those, I have a choice of technologies that I might use, I might use a killed vaccine, that killed virus, or bacterium, I might use isolated proteins, I might create a virus like particle that has the proteins on the outside or the shell or the coat of the particle, whatever I use, I then have to go through animal studies. The animal studies are there so that we can see if there’s any unintended consequences of using this particular vaccine on mammals. So usually it’s an in mice, mice or rats or ferrets. And the outcomes that are looked at include the efficacy of the vaccine. So you vaccinate an animal, and then you challenge the animal with the virus or the with the pathogen to see how many develops symptoms they might apply if they already have antibodies, hopefully, the you know from the from the vaccine, but you want to see if the vaccine is effective. And so you look at the African sea this way. The second thing that you want to look at is whether or not there’s any unintended consequences. And so you look at the health outcomes of the animals. So it’s, you know, you don’t just look to see okay, well, yeah, okay, I’ve got a vaccine against say the measles, so I did the animal study. And by the way, I didn’t appears on the animal studies but that’s a whole other thing


for somebody. Just a minute, don’t worry.


But for me, it’s okay. So you inject the, the antigen source, and then you look and say, Okay, do we see the disease? That’s one thing. The other thing that you should look at to see if there’s any unintended consequences like autoimmunity, or is there what’s the what’s the risk of morbidity or disease? What’s the risk of mortality? You know, imagine doing a study for coronavirus and finding that all the animals that were vaccinated had a higher risk of you know, serious illness from the very virus you’re trying to protect it from. And so when I I suspected the that but I did did not know that there was were no animal studies to date on the SARS to Corona virus vaccine that’s being tested right now, in the state of Washington. This is a collaboration between the US and Id That’s Anthony falchi and Madonna. That’s a company whose stocks has skyrocketed because they went to phase one clinical trial with people. I suspected two weeks ago that there was no animal studies and I looked around and now it’s been confirmed. And the media is talking about it. There has been no animal studies to show whether this is safe. And the reason why that’s a huge problem in this case is because we already know from the SARS vaccine studies, the animal about the SARS coronavirus, too, but the SARS coronavirus that animals had increased risks of things like hepatitis an increased risk of infiltrate, so just want to read a few things here from some of the studies. So the immunized ferrets developed a more rapid and vigorous neutralizing antibody response in controlling animals, but they also exhibit a strong inflammatory response to liver tissue. That was four



The SARS study so there’s another one the VRP and vaccines This is for SARS not only failed to protect from homologous or heterologous challenge that resulted in enhanced immuno pathology. Now this term enhanced has been changed to enhanced immunity, and it’s the wrong term. Peter Hotez calls it enhanced immunity. And because he uses that term, I came up with a new term, it’s pathogenic priming. So the goes on the vaccine resulted in enhanced immuno pathology with eo cinna philic infiltrates within the lungs of SARS cop challenged mice, that they were sicker, that they had unacceptable high mortality rates. So we’re looking at a knowledge base that has been thrown out the window. They know that it would lead to a vaccine being produced by them to be a problem. If they did the animal studies, so they’ve skipped it, it’s not as though they don’t know about this history. So this pathogenic priming occurs most almost certainly because there are the emitted genetic parts of the protein in the back in the spike protein in SARS and SARS coronavirus to match human proteins and cause autoimmunity on second exposure. That’s, that’s what seems to be happening because these vaccines are agitated.


So, okay, so I just want to try and put that in lay terms for people watching. And please, if you can help me hear that would be great. So if we’re getting a vaccine, we’re starting to see inflammatory conditions. And just just going back to what you said a minute ago, you’re, you’re now more susceptible to other viruses. Is that Is that good? Or not? Good. Okay. So help. Yeah. So So this I mean, we’ll come back to that in a second. And, of course, the automation side of things is huge. Right? And so correct me if I’m wrong as well. But and perhaps this is maybe a little bit to to further along here and we can come back to it. It’s my understanding that you know, you mentioned earlier about who a province right and the vaccines and and these trials. Do you think that that’s part of why they why we’re seeing such a huge number compared to anywhere else? like are they more susceptible? Is that what the vaccine is doing or so it’s interesting because pathogenic


priming can occur no matter how you’re exposed to it, there’s a paper out by a science writer named Jason Tetro that where he says that the corona virus might actually be getting some help in terms of being more dangerous because there are other viruses that are similar to it that Prime this pathogenic priming, there’s I’m calling it the pathogenic priming can occur in who Bay province if people are exposed to The spike protein, it was a relative of the spike protein through the processing and preparation and eating of consuming of meats in a market. But, you know, the question is why now as opposed to 100 years ago, and or 50 years ago, and what happened that was different is January one, China’s sorry, December one 2019, China’s new whole population vaccination program went into place. And so these people are walking around with an event in them, then they get exposed to it just like the mice, that’s the missing component. So whether it was a vaccine for whether it was a vaccine, the secret trial, or whether it was just this mass vaccination program, and now they’re, they’re exposed to the corona viruses or developing auto immunity against tissues in our lung and liver and kidneys. And so I have a paper under review right now that shows which specific parts of the proteins in SARS cough two are probably responsible for the immuno pathology that we see the pathogenic priming. And I hope that that review process goes quickly because, you know, this sounds all academic, I don’t want to sound academic. I am so pissed off, that they went ahead with a vaccine trial in the United States without doing the animal studies, that I want every person that within the sound of my voice to contact our congressmen and their senators in order and asked for it, have them hold a hearing an emergency hearing on immuno pathology, right of pathogenic priming hearing on why they didn’t do animal studies first, whose decision it was to go forward with with the human trials, and why are they paying people $4,500 to take this, this vaccine that is highly unethical. These people are knowingly trait potentially trading a lifelong risk of more serious illness from Corona virus by being vaccinated. And so I have an article on this on LinkedIn the article is kind of taking off on LinkedIn which is good to see. But I’m asking the question are materna and USN II D poised to endanger the world’s population? Because if the United States gets a vaccine, that’s not animal safety tested, it includes those unsafe epitopes than the entire world could suffer massively in 2021 2022 when another Corona virus outbreak comes. So it’s the read challenge with an infection. That’s the problem after you’ve been injected with this atom with an agile vented vaccine that has these proteins.


Right. And I think it’s also important, I mean, at least from what I’ve seen, there’s also no placebo controls at all either and that this is happening in Seattle, where I think is full For people that they’re wanting to test on and no placebo, no animal safety studies, so you know that that’s also quite concerning for me.


It should be concerning. So it’s par for the course for, for vaccine safety studies in in to not use an appropriate placebo. I don’t even think that they’re using an Agilent placebo. So they don’t they if the if if there’s path of if there’s pathogenesis, that is disease causing by the vaccine from the biological opponents, if only in the people that get just a biological component, then they wouldn’t want to see that. They so here’s a case where it might be so dangerous that even a incorrectly placebo vaccine safety trial might show that there’s a problem. And again, the reason why we don’t have a SARS vaccine is not because of anti vaxxers. It’s because vaccine safety science translational research worked and it showed the world and the Pay the Office of these papers, they actually say caution. extreme caution is warranted in bringing these vaccines into the human population. So please make a point sometime today to contact your congressmen and senators right email, call the office leave a message, we need thousands and thousands of phone calls about why there’s no animal safety studies, and that we absolutely have to see that the very the very vaccine that they’re using not a similar vaccine. That’s something that’s one off the exact vaccine that they’re using and human beings has a safety profile. That’s okay, by animal studies.


Well, of course, what we’re getting to here is, you know, this is an emergency situation, we need to rush it to market it would be unethical if we didn’t, etc, etc. So I think that, you know, the concern that I have as well is that, given the the height states that the media is creating, which I think to a certain degree is warranted, you know, I mean, like we are facing a genuine pandemic, there. This is escalating rapidly. But I think what my concern is that people are just, without even thinking about it without even looking into this, they’re just going to roll up their sleeves and say Give it to me, you know, and, and, and on mass. And again, the unintended consequences we’re not sure of. But I want to add a couple of things here, James, and get, you know, just just to sort of look a little bit further ahead and where this is all going, what are your Do you have any concerns over the virus itself mutating. So let’s for example, say we create this you know, covert 19 vaccine and next season or whenever it is much like HIV, this thing just replicates and essentially alters its makeup and therefore rendering the vaccine ineffective. Like, what are your thoughts on that?


So the specific vaccine that maternal has is called an mRNA vaccine, which means that they can literally change it to any strain of circulating very quickly, which is a benefit. I’ll admit it. However, it’s still in quotes. Spike protein. And what we what we know from other studies, is that a process called immune epitopes suppression and it’s also called original antigenic sin, that if you’re vaccinated against, say this Corona virus this year and another one comes out, not only will the vaccine not be likely to work, like the flu, the flu definitely mutates every year. Right? But you could actually you could actually become more susceptible to a variant of the flu because your immune system B cells, it turns out is is confused about what it’s doing. Is there absolutely every reason to be concerned about mutations in viruses for which we have vaccines, including the measles. That was in Connecticut, and there’s a Yale epidemiologist that testified to a committee that was wanted to strip away the rights for people to say I don’t want a vaccine based on religious reasons that the measles fight vaccine does not mutate. In fact, the measles fact the measles virus doesn’t mutate the measles virus has something like 4.3 mutations, you know, per replication it’s it’s a huge, it’s not it’s not as rapid as a RNA virus like the corona virus, the corona virus has a ridiculously high mutation rate. And also the very biology of how this thing works, is if you’re infected with two Corona viruses that are, they’re similar, they will recombine and create a hybrid virus. Okay, so the other recombination is essential, actually essential to Ulta. There’s an alternative splicing like mechanism where if there’s an S protein, a structural protein and a spike protein, and there’s what’s called a poly protein at the beginning, the poly protein has multiple coats multiple different proteins. And so there is variation it becomes It’s an RNA virus, the mutations that occur in the RNA. You know, if you inject me with this Corona virus right now, and I get sick, and I’ll get better, and five days or six days or two weeks, whatever. And then you isolate the virus, by the way this this virus is known to, you can shed the virus after you’re infected for like 68 days in your feces. This is so big.


Yeah, it’s like crazy.


Yeah. So Wow. So I’m 68 days later you isolate it, it’s going to look very different. It’s going to have hundreds and hundreds of mutations from just by being in me, this thing will adapt to my immune system. And if I pass it on to someone else, that will adapt to their immune system to the that influx of mutations into a population determines the rate of evolution. And mRNA viruses have among all the viruses the highest rate of evolution because they have such a high mutation rate.


Wow. And then when you map that on to this expert, well, not exponential, but you know what I mean, this rapid spread Obviously, that just, you know, accelerates the whole process. And now I’ve heard reports coming out of this is all very recently, obviously, I mean, literally within the last couple of days, reports of people in China being reinfected after they have been cured. Any any insight into that?


Yeah, absolutely. So it appears that you can be reinfected. There’s multiple reports, not just in China that I’ve seen now that a person that had the the infection and had symptoms then required a new infection, and that’s probably not unrelated to the fact that there’s multiple strains circulating around and our immune systems don’t see it. The problem is, through this pathogenic priming, these people know that they have a secondary infection because they are even sicker the second time, right. So if you get the vaccine if you get the virus one time, and you get the same strain, you’re really not going to notice that the immune system should be able to take care of it right. But if you get a different a slightly different ones, the new immune system might not really know how to fight that differently the off the my study that’s under review also shows that this particular virus of the immunogenic epitopes, that match human proteins that could cause autoimmunity that I was talking about



a third of them right, but seven out of 21, I think it is, have matches or homology to very key players in our immune system. So the actual pathogenesis of this virus may involve an attack our own body attacking our immune system cells, our immune system proteins, and if that’s the case, then people that have mutations through put through no fault of their own just through the accident of how they were born. They have genetic mutations that make their protein one step closer, or more similar. You know, to the viral protein, those are at highest risk and nobody knows who they are because they’re not doing individualized medicine when it comes to, you know, do we have the ability to sequence our genomes, right? If somebody gave me their whole genome sequence, and I’m not asking to this, I’m not offering a service that I won’t analyze anybody’s data. So theoretically, if somebody gave me their whole human genome sequence or their exome sequence, I could analyze it, I could tell them this virus is likely to if it induces autoimmunity, it’ll attack you here and it’ll take you there, I can tell you the protein, I can tell you the tissue. Why? Because it only takes a small segment of the epitopes to match to confuse the immune system. So if we go back to mutations for a minute, it’s understood in viral evolution that if you are infected with a virus and a population is spread throughout a population, it’s gonna kill off that variant that comes in is really lethal. It’s really lethal. It’ll kill off individuals that are most susceptible, probably through genetics but also with those people dying it’ll take the virus takes it takes itself out of the running those. So the the strains that are left are going to be less virulent. The strains that are left are not going to be less transmissible, they’re going to be more transmissible, the ones that survive are more transmissible. So there’s this as called adaptive landscape of transmissibility versus virulence. I wrote about this on my blog, many moons ago now about Ebola, the transmissibility, is the ability of the virus to actually transmit that’s supposed to be expected to get better and better and better and better for the virus. So it’s more more likely to get it. But the virulence is, is supposed to go down further and further and further. So if we enter the interesting thing is if we interrupt that process, and it’s a conundrum at this point, if we interrupt that process with a with a vaccine, we’ve changed the adaptive landscape in ways we don’t Understand, and people will say while we were playing Cod, you’re messing with nature. I’m just talking as a scientist, when you have a new virus, and it has such strong propensity, I believe, from the basis of the studies that I’ve done to induce autoimmunity are we making it more transmissible? Are we making it more lethal? There’s there’s something in an adaptive landscape where you have this third factor, it becomes a three dimensional landscape. It’s not just a two dimensional landscape and that three dimensional landscape there, they’re adaptive peaks, the virus fit this is what I’m talking about the adaptive peaks on the human landscape is here without the vaccine, but the adaptive peak might be over here with the vaccine and the virus will go towards whatever that adaptive peak is, and we don’t know what that is. That’s the problem. There are too many variables.


Yeah, so um, I’m gonna just just to bring us into the close here, you know, obviously, we’re going on About an hour now, you know, you talk about having such close similarities to the human tissue, etc, etc, not tissue. I’m butchering the nomenclature here. That’s That’s fine.


Because proteins are part of tissue. It’s fine.


Right? Right. Right. But But you know, there’s talk out there. You know, you and I spoke about this before we hopped on here in the early stages, and given the origins of the virus, given the fact that it’s coming out of a very, you know, I think it’s a level for security lab, one of the few in the world that deals with highly infectious pathogens. Do you, you know, how did this virus come about? Like, do you think it was a natural mutation of something that existed already? Or do you feel that this was somehow engineered for research purposes, for whatever purposes, like Do you have any thoughts on that? And again, I’m sort of putting my tinfoil hat on a little bit here. And I don’t want to put you on the spot. But if you have any insight into that, I know people are asking that question.


Okay, so I think we can rule out biological weapon. The reason why I think we can rule out biological weapon is because looking at the sequences that I’ve looked at, it doesn’t seem to be any credible evidence that there are new elements here that necessarily put only have come from, you know, somebody with a pipette in a lab, doing, you know, transfection experiments and using p shuttle and so on. So, you know, but it doesn’t mean that it didn’t come from a lab. There’s no evidence that it wasn’t a natural virus that was being studied in the Wu Han Institute for her ology, or by the military of China, for that matter, and accidentally escaped. And I’m not just trying to play Peacemaker here. I really am basing this on data. I’ve looked at the data, where I did an in depth analysis and other AIPAC study that’s under review right now, where I looked at the functional motifs of the spike protein to See if there’s anything different about this spike protein compared to the SARS coronavirus. And I noticed that there is a short what’s called an for this is I speak technically people say could you dumb it down you’re using too many big words. I speak technically because there are scientists that watch my videos as well. Okay, but there’s so there’s a short and terminal segment, compared to the SARS vaccine in the spike SARS virus in the spike protein. There’s two missing middle segments of functional motifs, the amino acids are there that the sequence is there, but there’s two that are missing the sheet three is missing and the K XT is missing. And then at the end, and this is gonna, you know, blow things up again here, but there’s a GP 40 like motif at the end of gp 40 is the type of a novela protein that we see in like an HIV. But right evolution can put that kind of thing there too. If it Adaptive for this virus to attack the immune systems for some reason, you see, so it’s called convergent evolution. So what’s the most likely scenario? Just knowing that? We don’t know. But if you look at the timeframe of I asked the question the following question of the national databases of protein databases, this given that we know this motifs, this motif pattern, a short end terminal two missing in the middle in a GP 40. Like, given that we know that that could be a signature, is it present in any of the other beta Corona viruses? And the answer is no. There’s a bit of it up in one, the short end terminal, but the whole pattern is not there. And then I asked the following question. Alright, so if it’s not in the other beta Corona viruses it looks like it’s brand new.


What’s the earliest date that anyone published a sequence that had this and I found it in a circle What must be a mislabeled SARS coronavirus, the only SARS coronavirus that had it was a sequence that was published in 2005 by Chinese researchers who had isolated the virus from bats in Hong Kong. Okay, they in a spirit of transparency, and to help humanity understand Corona viruses and SARS, the Chinese published this sequence and they didn’t know that it had this spike protein like structure that it has the SARS-Cov to structure the the structure motif pattern. So they were doing the right thing. They were being good citizens and they published it. Our scientist at the University of North Carolina, Dr. Burke’s lab downloaded those sequences. One of them downloaded four sequences. One of them was one of these sequences, and I know that barrack and his team didn’t know that this was a SARS coronavirus, like SARS to like So that it was even something different, because they calculated what’s called a consensus sequence among all four of what they thought were stars. It’s just an accident of history that I noticed that I was right. I asked it because the right question because I’m a scientist, but it was just an accident of history that the history of these viruses included a sickness RS cough to like signature way back in 2005. Our scientists were messing around with it 2008 had they only downloaded one sequence. And it had they only downloaded this one sequence that’s Chinese published, they would have reconstituted the SARS cough to like virus in the lab in 2008. In the United States, and the outbreak could have started here, but they did they calculated consensus. So they got lucky. And by the way, this is so scientifically important, because there are a lot of gain of function studies, which we’re all suspicious of, or why would you want to give advice More functions. Well, sometimes we give Ghana function studies so that we can make allow the virus to infect a mouse tissue. So we can study the virus in mice if it can infect the mice, so we need to make it able to do that. But there may be studies of compounds that are effective at treating this. If people go and look at the actual protein motif, signature, we’ll look at the spike protein of the viruses that you’ve been studying the SARS viruses, and see if you were not also accidentally studying treatments for SARS cough too, and you didn’t know it. And that right so imagine you have two viruses but you don’t know it. You have the SARS and SARS. Cough two and it was already there. 2005. Why because it’s been around for a while and they just sampled from nature. And you’re testing out a compound and you say well, okay, so I’m going to test it on this mouse. I’m going to test it on that mouse and tested on that mouse. Well, if the third mouse was affected with SARS, cough two and you didn’t know it. Then you have a heterogeneous population. It’s called and the process of the treatment, or we might have more effective treatments. And we know because we really don’t understand what we’re doing when we’re looking at the functional differences among viruses. So there’s plenty of slop I would say. And I prefer slop in profit motive over by weapons and conspiracy. 100%


Yeah, yeah. Right. Okay, because


we are we are not as smart as we think we are as a species. Scientists think that they’re really super smart. They have this you know, Dunning Kruger effect that oh, well, I, you know, medical medical professionals as well. They’re actually taught you know, you’re going to make mistakes and kill people, but that’s okay. Because you’re a god, right? You don’t want to think that way. You want to be humble. And that’s why when I when I first came out, and I said that I think that this spike protein was related to P shuttle Sn. I’ve spent the last month instead of working on blogs about therapeutics. I spent the last month talking about this issue that no No, no, it was just a hypothesis. No No, no. You know, there’s three other hypothesis. I’ve subsequently tested the hypothesis with phylogenetics. And that’s how I found the 2008 2005 sequence. I believe that scientists are exonerated this time. But it does not mean it did not escape from the Wu Han Institute for virology lab. That’s a different question. If they’re brought in one to find out what it’s like, they didn’t modify it, and it escaped. And it still had these properties. Okay. If they brought it in, and they modified it for gain of function, and it escaped, okay. The Chinese diplomat right now just made a very, very cursory tweet. Last night, I think it was the Trump administration responded it or yesterday, the Trump administration responded and said, No, we know where it came from. The Chinese diplomat implied that somehow the US Army may have brought this virus into Wu Han and set off this fire and that was Scientists need to be more transparent, that they’re giving back to us the treatment that they think that they’re getting from, from me, frankly, because I’m in touch. I can’t tell you how many Chinese national scientists have contacted me. They’ve actually written a paper and a peer reviewed, peer reviewed paper, saying that they were appalled that I would suggest that this could possibly come from a lab. And all they did was simple multiple alignments of the P shuttle compared to other proteins. So it doesn’t prove didn’t come from a lab. What that proves is that that the missing segment that the original Chinese publication could not identify that missing segment and then another study by a Greek team. They could not identify the call the middle fragment has a spike protein part to it. That’s all it proves. It doesn’t prove where it came from. So my study, which is under peer review, demonstrates that they’re exonerated in terms of artificial origin. We know it came from nature, that’s what I think. Okay, okay. We don’t know that that natural sequence didn’t escaped from a Chinese laboratory. And the fact is in 2000, between 2003 and 2014, there were six escapes of SARS from a laboratory. Six of them, okay. And four of those came from a lab in Beijing. So sloppy human beings messing around with viruses in the lab, with a profit motive is obviously a recipe for disaster. And let’s not kid ourselves. You know, China is a communist state, but there is a profit motive in terms of getting involved and beating people to the market for a vaccine. There’s no doubt about it. We need to knock that off. We need to make vaccines so unprofitable you know it’s we should like nationalize it and say, No, you cannot make a profit you have to be a not for profit. If you turn a profit, you’re unethical we need to go that route with vaccines. And everything’s on the line for them to because they’re they’re absolutely the The truth is coming forward that they tried to suppress since 1980. Six, there before the truth is coming forward about real risks and attendant risks of vaccinations. And everything is on the line for them, which is going to make so many people in our immediate communities so suspicious that this is just a way to shut down our discussions and this kind of thing. Listen. I told you earlier what we think the real risks are. If you have an elderly person, take care of your family, make sure that they don’t get sick. Don’t God forbid that they should get the sick twice? Right, given everything that we’ve talked about. All right, said and I’m leading the fight against this rush to human trials with vaccines in adequately safety tested, they have shown all of their cards, all their cards are on the table. And all we have to do is alert our politicians to that. You know what they have set us up for a fight when it comes to our very lives.


And they have to demonstrate this thing is safe in animals. They could do that. Study anytime they they don’t have, it’s not too late. They could do that study and in time, they could do it tomorrow. So we need that study done. We need it done with a large number of animals. We need it done with all the vaccines for SARS coronavirus, too. And it’s not that I don’t care. It’s clear. It’s clear it very clearly care about people that are going to get sick and die from us. I’ve been the, like you said at the beginning of this segment. I was one of the first early voices saying we got to shut this down. I’m one of the loudest voices saying we got to protect the medical infrastructure, right? It’s gonna be a disaster worse in Italy. And yet, you still have to go by the book in terms of translational research. If you don’t, you’re going to be potentially putting the entire world at risk of 20% mortality across the board


next time it comes around, which would obviously be catastrophic. So James, I think, you know, let’s wrap it up there. Thank you so much for taking time out to speak with me today. And you know, I think I hope it Anyway, for those of you watching out there and listening to this, that, you know, I know some of the the terms and some of the, the way that James presents things, you know, he is a top notch scientists. So we’re trying to appease the scientific community while at the same time trying to sort of bring people who are not scientists into the fold, so that we can sort of make sense of what’s going on. So it seems to me James, like the best thing that we can be doing right now is really just to be isolating ourselves limiting human to human contact, and taking Herbes and therapeutics, you know, antivirals that we know may work and that are that don’t have negative side effects, and just sort of see see how this whole thing plays out?


Yeah, absolutely. So if you’ve taken the time to stock up your pantry and you haven’t deep pantry for a couple of weeks, two or three, four weeks. If you’ve done that, right, then it’s time to take care of other people. It’s the most natural human thing to then go How can I help people idle in love, how can I help my neighbor, the best way thing that you can do, and I’m going to say this point blank, the best thing that you can do to help your neighbor, your children, your grandparents is to call your congressman and call your senator, the most important threat that we have right now is not this immediate virus. It’s the outcome after they vaccinate everyone, and the people still get the virus or as people who could have related virus, if you kind of think long term in this, but certainly, you know, share the advice of getting your pantry ready. Understand that you’re you’re part of your government in the United States, you have the right and the responsibility to participate in your own government. Don’t just throw your hands in the air and say they’re all corrupt, because they too have children. They too are susceptible they too will be vaccinated. Okay, people are I can I can hear people that I know that specific people that I know and love right now that you say No, they won’t. They won’t take the vaccine. They’ll put it on all of us. No, they will take this vaccine typically confidence and the rest of the world. They’ll line up all those congressmen or senators in a meeting and vaccinate them. There’ll be a big show. Oh, it’ll only be sailing. Okay. Well, we could do this all day long. But what are we going to do? Stop listening to our podcast and go call your congressman and go call your senator and demand animal safety studies for every SARS, cough to vaccine and for every vaccine going forward. And thank you so much, Brett, for hat for hosting us. I really appreciate it.


Yeah, and likewise, James. For those of you tuning in on Facebook, wherever. Obviously, this is a total Renegade meeting today, we just we literally just came about this last night. So thanks, everyone, for tuning in. And, you know, I just wish everyone nothing but the best. And I think that, you know, my, my sort of parting words here is, let’s really try and keep the panic down. You know, I don’t think panic is going to really solve anything. You know, I think just being vigilant self quarantining, staying in isolation. Eating right getting breast, you know, taking whatever you can to support your immune system, and, you know, help with antivirals and so forth. I think that’s really the way to go here. So thanks, James. I think we’re gonna wrap it up and I’m going to catch up. I know we’re doing a facebook live feed here. So we’ll see if there’s any comments there. And yeah, Have an awesome day. Thank you.