#024: Total Recovery From Autoimmune Disease

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by Brett Hawes

Michelle Corey joins me today and discusses her approach to helping people totally recover from autoimmune disease. She cured herself of Hashimoto’s and lupus, wrote the best-selling book, “The Thyroid Cure” and runs a busy practice helping those with autoimmune disease

Our discussion casts a wider net and gets into things like emotional/psychological factors, trauma, victim-mentality and the energetics surrounding autoimmune disease. We also talk about Chakra and thymus health.

We dive into the conventional medical approach and the shortcomings of medical lab testing. We discuss why lab tests come back normal despite you showing all the signs and symptoms; and the power of functional lab testing

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Catch up with Michelle at: https://michellecorey.com/ and pick up a copy of her book here: http://bit.ly/thyroid-cure-corey

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