#029: Medicinal Mushrooms

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by Brett Hawes

Medicinal mushrooms have been used as food, medicine and more since the beginning of human history. Today’s guest, Jerry Angelini, is the education director for Host Defense Mushrooms; the global leader in medicinal mushroom products.

Today’s episode is a dense discussion that is both enlightening and myth-busting. We dive into the history, geographical spread and traditional use of mushrooms. We speak about the importance of organic mushrooms and their hyper-concentrating ability. Jerry explains the ins and outs of beta-glucans, the immune system and how medicinal mushrooms impact the immune system

We spend a good deal of time unpacking different extraction methods and the importance of capturing the whole mushroom vs isolated compounds. Lastly, we get into some of the more popular and revered medicinal mushrooms like Lion’s Mane, Chaga and Reishi. Jerry walks us through the whole host of health benefits aside from enhancing the immune system

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