#035: Ketogenic Diet: Good, Bad or Ugly?

by Brett Hawes

This is the first of a monthly “ask me anything” style episode. The ketogenic diet has become wildly popular over the last 18 months. Most of the benefits surround weight loss, cognition and inflammation. Today I dive into some things you might not have heard and question it’s sustainability as well as the side effects.

Is the ketogenic diet sustainable? Is it our default diet? Were we meant to eat so much fat? What adverse effects could it have? I discuss topics like acidity, microbiome, leptin and hormones (and why this could result in rebound weight gain in women), and the how most people are doing keto ‘wrong’.

By no means is this the definitive and final verdict on the ketogenic diet. I think that there is alot more research to be done on this interesting and controversial diet.

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