#028: Green Enough

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by Brett Hawes

Leah Segedie is a top mom-blogger, activist, author and all-round change-maker. Today’s show gets into a few different areas including environmental/household toxins, hormone disrupting chemicals, social media and community, the green industry and more.


We spend a good deal of time talking about Leah’s community (mom’s), their challenges, wants, desires, etc. We also talk about the ever-changing face of social media and what it means to be a community leader in 2018.

Leah and I cover the green industry, what’s new and the way that things have shifted over the last while. We dive into the self-policing cosmetics industry and discuss the laws (or lack thereof) surrounding personal care products. We also cover the broader scope of her latest book, “Green Enough”

Lastly, we talk her latest campaign which is to remove BPA (a hormone disrupting chemical) from Target receipt paper

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Catch up with Leah below:

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