#019: Freedom, Pharma and Policy

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by Brett Hawes

Today’s guest has experienced firsthand how freedom of choice and the influence of Big Pharma can negatively impact government policy. David Stephan and his family have had an interesting entry into the world of natural medicine. With multiple family members suffering from a variety of mental health issues, and pharmaceuticals not working; they were forced to turn to natural medicine as the last alternative. This led them to not only heal themselves but also to help others through their company Truehope.

But today’s show takes a further twist. David and his wife tragically lost their son Ezekiel at the age of 18 months. Unfortunately the media and government used this experience as license to attack the Stephans’ and use this as a platform to push pharma-driven policy into effect. The Stephans were accused of “failing to provide the necessities for life” and charged in court. Their story was heavily skewed in the media and essentially painted them as anti-medicine, anti-doctor, natural medicine-only people who shunned medical help despite the severity of their son’s health.

In today’s show we dissect their case a bit more, dive into the truth and discuss the dangerous precedent that this sets for ALL Canadians. If you are concerned about freedom of choice and value your constitutional rights, you should definitely dial into the show and share with your friends. If you’d like to connect with David, you can catch up with him on Facebook

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