#073: EMF’s – How to Protect Yourself

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by Brett Hawes

EMF’s, radiation and 5G technology have been linked with a host of health effects. As our world becomes more and more tech-reliant, it is important to protect ourselves from the harmful effects. Brian Hoyer, founder of Shielded Healing, joins me on the show to talk about solutions.

Here’s what we discuss:

  • What are EMF’s, radiation and 5G?
  • Dirty electricity
  • You cannot heal chronic illness without addressing EMF’s
  • Ancestral food. Ancestral environment
  • How these impact the body
  • Artificial/blue light
  • The difference between geopathic stress and EMF radiation
  • How to test your home
  • The 6 main stressors
  • The effects of EMF’s on pathogens
  • Practical solutions
  • Shielding paint
  • Gadgets for your home protection
  • Why shielding your bedroom is the most important thing you can do

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