#070: Eat Meat or Don’t

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by Brett Hawes

“Eat meat or don’t – the moral arguments for and against eating meat” is the latest book by Bo Bennett, PhD. In this episode we try understand what drives people’s food choices.

This is especially important in the current polarized, divided and ideological landscape we find ourselves in. Here are some of the highlights:

  • what are morals and ethics
  • discovering your own moral framework
  • viewing animal life through a human lens
  • is human well-being more important than animal well-being?
  • any existence is better than none at all
  • how do we reconcile health and morals when it comes to eating meat?
  • are those who eat meat morally inferior to those who do not?
  • if you can’t kill an animal, you shouldn’t eat meat
  • reduction vs abstinence
  • why vegan and carnivore agendas both fail
  • advice for vegetarians and vegans
  • how to lower the net suffering of animals in the world
  • finding your happy medium


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