#045: The Detox Project

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by Brett Hawes

Henry Rowlands, director of The Detox Project, joins me today for a jam-packed show. We get into many areas; but revolve around the Detox Projects’ 3 main mandates.

We spend some time talking about their push for sustainable, chemical-free farming; and their work with governments and tech start ups.

We talk extensively about chemicals in food and water and how the Detox Project is changing this through regulation and testing. Their certification programs are now being adopted by food, water and supplement companies. These certifications allow companies to show that their products are glyphosate (Round Up) and pesticide-free. They also certify products that have been proven to remove/detoxify these substances from the body.

We talk about cross-contamination between conventional and organic, non-GMO crops. The Detox Project has done extensive testing on foods and have found that many non-GMO crops are contaminated with chemicals such as glyphosate. We talk about dessication of crops. We also highlight why non-GMO certification does not mean chemical-free

Lastly, we talk about the Detox Project’s innovative consumer tests. Consumers can now test their food and water for glyphosate (Round Up). There are also hair tests which can test for glyphosate, pesticides and chemicals in the body.


You can catch up with the Detox Project here: https://detoxproject.org/

Follow them on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/detoxproject.org/

Subscribe to their media arm, Sustainable Pulse: https://sustainablepulse.com/


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