#051: Demystifying Allergies & Sensitivities

by Brett Hawes

Allergies and sensitivities are perhaps one of the most confusing and and misunderstood topics in the health arena. Today’s guest is award-winning scientist and physician, Dr Russell Jaffe. Dr Jaffe has pioneered many different technologies in the healthcare field but is best known for his work in developing world-class allergy and sensitivity testing known as ELISA-LRA 

Today’s show goes deep into the differences between allergies, sensitivities and intolerances. We talk about the inadequacies of various testing, including standard skin prick tests and IgG tests. Dr Jaffe discusses lymphocyte response testing and why it is superior to other forms of testing. We also talk about how we can identify immune system reactions that fall outside of food. These include immune responses to heavy metals, pathogens, chemicals, toxins and more. Lastly, we talk about Dr Jaffe’s recommendations to remedy reactions once you have tested and identified what they are.

If you are suffering from allergies and sensitivities, you can visit the ELISA/ACT website and order your test. These tests are what I use with most of my autoimmune disease clients.

Read more about Dr Jaffe here: https://www.drrusselljaffe.com/#about-dr-jaffe