Cancer-killing Dandelion Tea Receives $217K Research Grant

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by Brett Hawes in holistic health

Originally appeared here:  | June 11, 2017 |

Research at the University of Windsor in 2012 first showed the promise of dandelion root extract in killing cancer cells.

Biochemist Siyaram Pandey, who first broke the news, has $217,000 in grant funding to examine further.

What began with anecdotal evidence – Pandey heard of a patient who was getting better drinking dandelion tea – and then curiosity has now become science, and the new funding means that they’ll be able to better study, and understand, how dandelion root extract might be a sustainable cancer treatment.

This new funding will allow for a full-blown clinical trial of 30 patients with blood cancers that have shown resistance to traditional treatments, and will allow the scientists to better test their new concoction: A dandelion tea powder 6-10 more potent than anything otherwise available on the market.

The powder can then be dissolved and water and drank as a tea; the new funding provides for 6,000 doses of the tea for clinical trials at the Windsor Regional Cancer Center.

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